More Corporate Offices are going with Ergonomic Workstations

Ergonomics in the office have expanded since the 1970s when the fittest workers took daily vitamins and made good use of gym memberships. Years ago, ergonomics were confined to exercise environments, places like membership-based gyms and home fitness equipment. Now ergonomics are expanding across the corporate environment and for good reason. When picking up objects, […]

Dynamic Variation for Modern Office

Chance to feel more connected to organizational leaders and colleagues are just one of the reasons to get a standing desk. Motion seating products like the Stance Angle Chair are also gaining in popularity because their design offers more open work space.  More work space equals less clutter.   Experts as well as people who […]

HealthPostures Desktop Risers Easily Fit on Existing Desk

Desk risers are at the forefront of open floor plan trends. Healthpostures Taskmate is a major retailer manufacturing and distributing desk risers like the Taskmate workstation to industrial, manufacturing, hospital, call center and office organizations.   Ergonomics retailers like and major office superstores have also entered the desk riser space. One reason why desk […]

Minneapolis Home and Garden Show Meets Ergonomics

Minneapolis and its surrounding cities is home to leading businesses that operate across technology, manufacturing, industrial, healthcare, financial services, education and transportation industries. The city is also home to top domestic and global ergonomics firms like HealthPostures, maker of the HealthPostures TaskMate Go. Some of these ergonomics companies and business leaders will be spotlighted at […]

HealthPostures Heads to the Applied Ergonomics Conference

HealthPostures is headed to the 21st Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference, joining dozens of the world’s top firms that are advancing workplace ergonomics. Location for the conference is Atlanta, Georgia, a major Southern city that is home to many Fortune 500 companies. Hundreds of exhibitors, sponsors and attendees will fill the Hilton Atlanta from March 26 […]

Standing Relieves Headaches and Other Pains

Headaches are at the top of the list of temporary painful experiences. Pain from headaches causes people to call out sick from work, become agitated and spend hours sleeping. Another thing that headaches can do is inspire people to seek for solutions like the Stance Move chairs. The equipment supports natural healthy body positions like standing. Natural […]

Standing Increases Productivity

Healthy posture and more mobility have a direct link to on-the-job productivity. Technologists and manufacturers are paying attention to the linkage. Evidence of this positive attention is the rollout of computer Taskmate ergonomics.   Standing for Healthy Posture at Work   Computer Taskmate workstations clamp to the front of office desks. The keyboard tray built […]

Standing is Good for Physical and Mental Health

Attentive managers, chiropractors and physical therapists know something that everyone should be privy to. Standing is good for your physical and mental health, this includes walking and reaping the benefits of a standing desk at work. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, standing can help to reduce your chances of being obese, developing high […]

Standing Increases Energy At Work

Benefits of a sit stand workstation extend beyond ease while standing for long periods. Using tools like HealthPostures Taskmate Go sit stand desk and ergonomic stand chairs have been attributed to experiencing reduced pain, enjoying more flexibility and living with an improved posture and a stronger core. Having increased energy is another benefit gained from […]

What Shoes are Best to Use with a Standing Desk?

Getting the most out of a new desktop standing desk might require that you wear the right shoes. Because you’ll be on your feet more than usual, it’s important that your feet get ample support. It’s also important that you feel comfortable while working and standing. If this doesn’t happen, you could go back to […]