Standing Relieves Headaches and Other Pains

Headaches are at the top of the list of temporary painful experiences. Pain from headaches causes people to call out sick from work, become agitated and spend hours sleeping. Another thing that headaches can do is inspire people to seek for solutions like the Stance Move chairs. The equipment supports natural healthy body positions like standing. Natural […]

Standing Increases Productivity

Healthy posture and more mobility have a direct link to on-the-job productivity. Technologists and manufacturers are paying attention to the linkage. Evidence of this positive attention is the rollout of computer Taskmate ergonomics.   Standing for Healthy Posture at Work   Computer Taskmate workstations clamp to the front of office desks. The keyboard tray built […]

Standing is Good for Physical and Mental Health

Attentive managers, chiropractors and physical therapists know something that everyone should be privy to. Standing is good for your physical and mental health, this includes walking and reaping the benefits of a standing desk at work. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, standing can help to reduce your chances of being obese, developing high […]

Standing Increases Energy At Work

Benefits of a sit stand workstation extend beyond ease while standing for long periods. Using tools like HealthPostures Taskmate Go sit stand desk and ergonomic stand chairs have been attributed to experiencing reduced pain, enjoying more flexibility and living with an improved posture and a stronger core. Having increased energy is another benefit gained from […]

What Shoes are Best to Use with a Standing Desk?

Getting the most out of a new desktop standing desk might require that you wear the right shoes. Because you’ll be on your feet more than usual, it’s important that your feet get ample support. It’s also important that you feel comfortable while working and standing. If this doesn’t happen, you could go back to […]

HealthPostures Announces the Release of a Standing Desk for Taller People

Prior Lake, MN – Manufacturer of American made ergonomics equipment and supplies, HealthPostures, announces the release of its newly designed standing desk, the TaskMate Slide. The TaskMate Slide may be one of the best sit stands built for taller people. Features on the TaskMate Slide that are adjustable include the work surface, keyboard tray and […]

HealthPostures Joins National Ergonomics Expo Top Notch Lineup

The pioneering ergonomics and sit stands manufacturer, HealthPostures, will participate in the top notch exhibitor lineup at the 2017 National Ergonomics Conference & Ergo Expo. HealthPostures appearance marks a long standing tradition at the national expo that first kicked off in 1994. This year’s national ErgoExpo is being held at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. […]

Great Portable Sit Stand Solutions

Work places are under revolution. Portable sit stands and dual monitor stands and mounts are front and center of the revolution. Design is also playing a major role in wide sweeping work place changes. But, what’s behind the revolution?   It’s time employers respected worker fitness goals Desire to achieve more employee engagement, the goal […]

Home Office Must Haves

Home office must haves offer comfort, support and incentive to be increasingly active while working. These must haves may make it easier to focus. Better focus can make it easier to work for extended periods of time without feeling extremely fatigued.   All your preferences matter when selecting home office must haves Yet, focus, more […]

Equipment to Stay Fit While Working from Home

Physical activity isn’t just for kids and teens. Despite what adults might think, the older you get, the more important it may be to stay fit. But, it’s not always a cinch. In fact, staying physically fit seems easy enough until you consider that adults who work full-time can easily spend seven or more hours […]