Tips for Office Managers Introducing Standing Desks to the Workplace

The research is clear: Sitting for too long is deadly. Some people say that sitting all day is as dangerous to your health as smoking, but many workers find that they spend over 90% of their days sitting at a desk. Standing desks are a great solution to balance work demands with the need to […]

Keep Your Current Desktop with a Standing Desk Converter

Chances are that you’ve heard how dangerous sitting all day can be for your health, and yet, most people find that they have to spend their entire working day in front of a computer instead of moving around. Even with the best intentions to get up and walk around every hour, most people end up […]

Tips for Sit Stand Desk Cable Management

Cable management is important for any computer desk. Cluttered cables may not only make your workspace appear messy and disorganized—they can also wear out faster. Cables can even put stress on your electrical outlets if they are not properly sized and well organized. With sit-stand desks, cable management is even more important. After all, you […]

How to Enjoy the Benefits of Standing Desks with a Laptop

Laptops may be convenient for bringing your work anywhere with you. Ideally, though, most of your time on your laptop computer will still be spent at your desk. Unfortunately, laptops don’t fit into an ergonomic workspace as easily as desktop PCs do. However, you can enjoy the benefits of a standing desk while working on […]

Optimize your Work Performance & Sleep with Proper Ergonomics

Poor sleep can decrease your productivity during the day, and poor ergonomics can decrease your quality of sleep. Let’s break the cycle with a few tips on things you can do to improve both sleep and productivity.  Improve your Sleep Quality Change your pillow or update your bed. Proper head and body support are important. […]

Working Standing Up Is Good for your Back (and other Back Pain Solutions for People who Sit Too Much!)

If you have ever suffered from back, neck, or hip pain, you know how miserable it can be!  Back pain makes it hard to sit, hard to sleep, hard to stand, hard to exercise…. and the list goes on!  Working standing up helps reduce the pain for many people. Here are a few back pain […]

Push Goals and Standing Desk Habits

There are 101 different ways to set goals or New Years Resolutions… from finding a guiding word or Chris Brogan’s three words, to Gretchin Rubin’s 21 for 2021 list. If you follow James Clear, you might be focusing on systems instead of goals or Habit Stacking. Another method of goal setting that has been made popular […]

Overcoming Common Objections to Standing Desks

Whether you are working from home or working from the office, you may be thinking about improving the ergonomics and getting a standing desk. There are many reasons that people use standing desks, ranging from reducing back pain to increasing productivity, and much other health and work-related reasons. Whether you are paying for a standing […]

How to Ask your Boss for a Standing Desk (and get one!)

After being in the standing desk industry for over twenty years and having the first sit-stand desktop on the market, we know the importance that the right ergonomic standing desk can make in your health and productivity.  Just like it can be hard to ask your boss for a raise, you may feel uncomfortable asking for […]

Mistakes You Might be Making at your Standing Desk

If you are using your standing desk incorrectly, it can lead to back or neck pain, which pretty much defeats getting out of your chair in the first place.  Let’s take a look at a few common mistakes that people with their standing desks. You are standing too much (or not changing positions enough). Despite […]

Why Work Standing Up? Infographic

Standing up at work provides many great benefits, from decreased back pain, to better moods, and increased productivity.  We have heard this from hundreds of customers over the years, and have also read the research. Standing Desk users have reported better moods. 87% reported an increase of vigor and energy. Sitting more than 8 hours […]

7 Reasons Why Government Workers Use Standing Desks

A recent Government Product News poll indicated that government works see value in standing desks and similar ergonomic office products. The poll showed that 53% of respondents believed that standing desks boost productivity. Government institutions such as veterans’ offices, economic development administrations, federal and state government offices are leading the way in purchasing height-adjustable standing […]