What Millennials Want from Today’s Modern Workplace

Do you have millennials working for you?  Keeping millennials happy at work is not much different than Baby Boomers or Gen X.  It’s really about getting back to the basics! Here are some ways to make your workplace millennial-friendly and keep the rest of your employees happy too.   Millennial Workplace Wishlist:   Give back […]

Famous Writers Who Used Standing Desks

Even though it may seem like standing desks are new technology and modern furniture for the work world, they have actually been around a very long time. In reality, there have been several authors and statesman in history who have used some form of a standing desk while writing or doing creative works.  People have […]

8 Ways to Avoid Standing Desk Fatigue

Using a standing desk can be tiring, especially if you are just beginning.  Here are a few tips to reduce standing desk fatigue so you can get the most out of your sit-stand desk and maximize your work day!   Fight Standing Desk Fatigue with these Tips   1.  Change up your standing position with […]

7 Facts about Standing Desks that will Impress your Boss

Our bodies are not meant to sit 8+ hours a day but the traditional workspace is full of static sitting at desks. It’s time to change that, at least in YOUR workplace, at YOUR desk.  Here are some facts about standing desks that will impress your boss, and maybe even convince him or her how […]

HealthPostures Debuts New Standing Desks at Applied Ergonomics Conference

HealthPostures is headed back to N’awlins for the Applied Ergonomics Conference, but this time with some new standing desk products! Jared Elliot, President of HealthPostures Inc., will be at the conference to answer questions from health and safety professionals and ergonomists. Jared explained, “Since HealthPostures introduced the first desktop sit-stand unit in 2003, we have been […]

How to Transform a Static Desk into a Standing Desk

When a company makes a large investment in cubicles, desks, office chairs, or any ergonomic office furniture, they probably intend on keeping it for a while. But today’s employees aren’t willing to settle for yesterday’s static desk.  Luckily, innovative products like the Clever Electric Legs allow a static desk or cubicle to be transformed into […]

7 Weird Things that People do in their Standing Desks

Since HealthPostures starting selling ergonomic sit-stand solutions in 1996, we have heard a lot of stories and anecdotes about odd things people do in their standing desks from time to time.  As standing at your desk is becoming commonplace, people are more open about some of their standing habits that may seem a bit strange […]

Standing Desks Made in the USA for Government Use

HealthPostures is one of the few standing desk manufacturers in the United States to be compliant with the Buy America Act. With standing desks 100% Made in the USA, customers can avoid additional tariffs that are often hidden in the costs of competitive standing desk companies. On top of being 100% Made in the USA, […]

Standing Desk Comparison: HealthPostures’ TaskMate Go vs. Competitors

The HealthPostures TaskMate Go can STAND UP to other desktop standing desks when they are compared side-by-side.  Let’s takes a closer look with this standing desk comparison. HealthPostures TaskMate Go Standing Desk Compared to the Competitors   Fully Assembled: Being fully assembled when you received the shipment at your door is one of the few […]

Gamers Gain Competitive Edge with Standing Desks

Standing desks are not just for corporate offices, executives, and entrepreneurs. Given the long and intense hours that gamers spend at their desk, ergonomic standing desks are also ideal for professional or recreational gamers alike. Gamers are at Risk Gamers can often have a long day in front of the computer than the typical office […]