HealthPostures Announces the Release of a Standing Desk for Taller People

Prior Lake, MN – Manufacturer of American made ergonomics equipment and supplies, HealthPostures, announces the release of its newly designed standing desk, the TaskMate Slide. The TaskMate Slide may be one of the best sit stands built for taller people. Features on the TaskMate Slide that are adjustable include the work surface, keyboard tray and […]

HealthPostures Joins National Ergonomics Expo Top Notch Lineup

The pioneering ergonomics and sit stands manufacturer, HealthPostures, will participate in the top notch exhibitor lineup at the 2017 National Ergonomics Conference & Ergo Expo. HealthPostures appearance marks a long standing tradition at the national expo that first kicked off in 1994. This year’s national ErgoExpo is being held at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. […]

Great Portable Sit Stand Solutions

Work places are under revolution. Portable sit stands and dual monitor stands and mounts are front and center of the revolution. Design is also playing a major role in wide sweeping work place changes. But, what’s behind the revolution?   It’s time employers respected worker fitness goals Desire to achieve more employee engagement, the goal […]

Home Office Must Haves

Home office must haves offer comfort, support and incentive to be increasingly active while working. These must haves may make it easier to focus. Better focus can make it easier to work for extended periods of time without feeling extremely fatigued.   All your preferences matter when selecting home office must haves Yet, focus, more […]

Equipment to Stay Fit While Working from Home

Physical activity isn’t just for kids and teens. Despite what adults might think, the older you get, the more important it may be to stay fit. But, it’s not always a cinch. In fact, staying physically fit seems easy enough until you consider that adults who work full-time can easily spend seven or more hours […]

Stop Sitting All Day

Everyone seems to be on a diet. Yet, millions of Americans are overweight or obese. It’s obvious that simply joining a gym or vowing to eat better are not enough. Real life changes require action. When it comes to your health, rewarding life changes require ongoing action, and not just the type of action that’s […]

Why Sitting is The New Smoking

Standing desks are en vogue for good reasons. Improved physical and mental health, better focus and greater longevity are leading benefits associated with using a desktop standing desk. Gone are the days when health experts echoed the advice to simply stop smoking and sit down as a way to relax and enjoy better overall health. […]

How Sit Stand Desks Could Improve Worker Productivity

Salary and work life balance aren’t the only factors that lead to lower worker productivity. Workplace culture, morale and structure also impact worker productivity. Two additional factors that influence worker productivity are mobility and employee health.   Visiting an offsite or onsite gym before work and climbing stairs instead of taking an elevator lead to […]

HealthPostures Supports Minnesota’s Ongoing Safety and Health Efforts

HealthPostures will be among the companies converging at the Minnesota Convention Center May 16-17, 2017. The Minnesota Safety and Health Conference is the main attraction that’s bringing dozens of ergonomics, industrial safety, office safety and local and national health focused companies to Minnesota. Organizers for the popular conference primarily work with the Minnesota Safety Council, […]

Tips To Increased Physical Activity At Work

By Rhonda Campbell From the time we are children, many of us are taught about the importance of work. If we’re fortunate, we will enter work that aligns with our deepest passions. Even with that good fortune, we may not avoid are work related discomforts, physical challenges and stressors. We may not avoid getting stuck […]