Gamers Gain Competitive Edge with Standing Desks

Standing desks are not just for corporate offices, executives, and entrepreneurs. Given the long and intense hours that gamers spend at their desk, ergonomic standing desks are also ideal for professional or recreational gamers alike. Gamers are at Risk Gamers can often have a long day in front of the computer than the typical office […]

Vote for HealthPostures for the Ergo Cup!

HealthPostures is thrilled to be attending the annual National Ergonomics Conference – Ergo Expo next week in Las Vegas! Ergonomic professionals attend the Ergo Expo to find the latest advancements in ergonomics and innovative products. This year, they will find two impressive ergonomic advancements in the HealthPostures booth #420. The first new product from HealthPostures […]

Announcing the New Clever Electric Table Legs!

For decades, the traditional office desk was static and expensive. Office ergonomics changed when standing desks became mainstream. HealthPostures led the way with the first sit-stand desktop riser to market in 2003. As the market demand for sit-stand desks continues to increase, HealthPostures continues to be at the forefront of innovation. We have listened to feedback from our […]

HealthPostures has First Sit-Stand Desktop on the Market

Did you know that HealthPostures was selling desktop units about four years before anyone else?HealthPostures was the very first company to have a height-adjustable, desktop sit-stand unit on the market back in late 2003, early 2004. HealthPostures laid the groundwork with customers, ergonomist, and office furniture dealers to help make sit-stand ergonomic more acceptable and understood. First […]

Quality Sit Stand Ergonomics Materials for Long Product Life

Office real estate is not cheap. It can cost several hundred dollars a month to pay for a single office. C-Suite offices cost even more. Add in the costs of office furniture, including modern designed sit stand ergonomics like Health Postures‘ Taskmate and ergonomic desk lift, and it’s understandable why more small to midsize businesses, […]

Easy Adjustable TaskMate Standing Desk Features

The word is out. Sitting all day can be hazardous to your health. Like many adults, you may want to move more, especially while you’re at work. So, why don’t you have a Healthpostures standing desk yet? If you’re like many adults, it might not be a jam packed work schedule that’s stopping you from […]

Ergonomic Office Solutions for VA’s & Government

Government offices across the United States are using ergonomic products to keep their workforce healthy and efficient. Since HealthPostures products are Made in the USA and are TAA Compliant, they are a top choice for government entities such as the Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, and the Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS). Unlike other […]

HealthPostures Products Easily Install

Mobility is a key to improved health. Become more physically active with ergonomics like a Taskmate standing desk and you could enjoy greater physical flexibility, endurance, energy and vitality. You could also experience more mental clarity, less muscle strain and better engagement at work. That applies whether you work at home or outside your home. […]

More Corporate Offices are going with Ergonomic Workstations

Ergonomics in the office have expanded since the 1970s when the fittest workers took daily vitamins and made good use of gym memberships. Years ago, ergonomics were confined to exercise environments, places like membership-based gyms and home fitness equipment. Now ergonomics are expanding across the corporate environment and for good reason. When picking up objects, […]

Dynamic Variation for Modern Office

Chance to feel more connected to organizational leaders and colleagues are just one of the reasons to get a standing desk. Motion seating products like the Stance Angle Chair are also gaining in popularity because their design offers more open work space.  More work space equals less clutter.   Experts as well as people who […]