How to Transform a Static Desk into a Standing Desk

When a company makes a large investment in cubicles, desks, office chairs, or any ergonomic office furniture, they

Static desk before adding height adjustable legs.

Tired of your static desk?

probably intend on keeping it for a while. But today’s employees aren’t willing to settle for yesterday’s static desk.  Luckily, innovative products like the Clever Electric Legs allow a static desk or cubicle to be transformed into a high adjustable desk!


Transform Any Desk or Cubicle into a Standing Desk



The first step is to order the Clever Electric Legs that fit your current desk configuration. HealthPostures has desk depths of 24 and 30” and base widths of 36”84” in 6” increments.  Adjustable legs can also be added to corner desks with the three leg option. Powder coat options range from black to white, with medium silver tones to match your current desk design.

Remove static legs from desktop.

Remove static legs from the desktop.


Next, when your desk arrives, you add your own desktop to the adjustable legs.  Most of the time, people have a desktop already from their static desk.  They like their desk, just not that it doesn’t move!


Now that the desk is assembled, place it back into your office space.  Your desk will feel like it is brand new, because now you have the option of sitting or standing, all with the touch of a button.


An Economical Way to Transform your Office Space

The Clever Electric Table Legs are meant to replace static desk legs, making your current desk surface a height-adjustable table. Even if your office has cubicle desks in place,

Add Clever Electric Legs and you have a standing desk!

Add Clever Electric Legs and you have a standing desk!

converting to the sit-stand desk legs makes the desk height adjustable without replacing the desk or adding a desktop riser. The adjustable desk legs are an excellent first step toward improving the efficiency and well-being of any organization while still remaining budget-conscious.


Why Clever Electric Lift Legs?

  • Transform your current desk to a height adjustable desk with sit-stand desk legs
  • A simple and affordable way to make a static office space ergonomic and dynamic
  • Great solution for stand-alone desks or cubicle desks
  • Easy to assemble to your current desk surface
  • Adaptable for various desk configurations & needs without reconfiguring
  • Price/Performance ratio makes a positive impact on the company
  • Budget-friendly standing desk alternative
  • HealthPostures products are proudly Made in the USA

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