Integrating Mounted Screens into Your Retail Space

Your retail store should feature a host of digital materials that show off your business’ new products and catch the eyes of your customers. With our Atdec Workspace monitor mounts from HealthPostures, you can integrate mounted screens into your retail space for enhanced style and improved rates of lead generation. 


Multi Surface DisplaysAtdec Workspace monitor mounts from HealthPostures

Our Atdec monitor mounts can be installed on nearly any surface in your retail space that you can imagine. Whether you wish to post your digital signage on the walls, ceilings, floors, or counters, you can rest assured that our monitor mounts are more than up for the task. Created with ergonomics in mind, monitor mounts help your customers interact with your technology and engage with your brand. Your digital signage can include video displays, menu board mounts, display stands, and more. 


Future-Proof Monitor Solutions

In our modern society, technology often advances too quickly for devices to catch up. That’s why Atdec monitor mounts are designed to be totally future-proof. They are made from several components that can easily be swapped out or upgraded to newer models, allowing you to enjoy the latest cutting-edge improvements in ergonomic technology. Your customers will also enjoy the high-tech experience of shopping in an advanced retail space. 


Easy and Fast Screen Installation

Our mounted screens couldn’t be faster or simpler to install. There’s no need for specialized expertise or equipment, allowing any of your employees to easily set up new monitor mounts in your retail space without taking too much time away from the performance of your essential store functions. Minimum downtime plus dynamic digital displays equal more interested customers for your business. 


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Our selection of Adtec Workspace monitor mounts from HealthPostures can help you use digital signage and dynamic displays to enhance your retail space. For more information on our ergonomic mounting solutions, call 1-800-277-1841 or contact us here.