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HealthPostures Assisted Desktop Workstations

Standing desk converters are adjustable units that are placed on your existing desk, giving you the option of standing throughout your day. They provide a less expensive, easy option for an ergonomic work desk without needed to replace your existing desk.


HealthPostures manufactures the high-quality sit-stand desk solutions you need for your office or workplace. Easily attach our adjustable ergonomic desk to your existing desk and discover the freedom of movement at work.

Benefits of Assisted Desktop Workstations

All the benefits of a sit-stand workstation can be found in the HealthPostures assisted desktop workstations. They provide ergonomic solutions for any office or workspace, preventing injury, pain, and discomfort from developing and encouraging a healthier lifestyle.


Benefits of standing desk converters include:

Adjustable Monitor Position

With adjustable ergonomic desks, a monitor arm mount allows you to adjust the monitor, so you are never having to bend your neck to look at your screen. Your neck should always be in a neutral position when looking at your screen, and an adjustable monitor arm allows you to change the position of your monitor as you adjust your desk from sitting to standing.

Promote Good Posture

Adjustable desks and monitors allow you to sit in the optimal ergonomic posture. You should be sitting with your feet flat on the floor, your elbows should be at 90-degree angles, and your wrists should feel relaxed.


Having a desk that allows you to adjust to a comfortable position can reduce your risk of:

  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Wrist discomfort

Instant Desk Conversion

A standing desk converter gets you the healthy benefits of a sit-stand lifestyle without needing to buy a completely different desk or office setup. With an assisted desktop workstation, you can easily change positions in no time at all. With its expansive work surface, it offers as much space as a traditional desk, and it’s portable, offering the ability to turn any surface into an adjustable, ergonomic desk.


Even More Health Benefits

In addition to promoting good posture, sit-stand desks can also improve circulation and allow you to burn more calories throughout your workday. Boost your energy at work and avoid musculoskeletal disorders and workplace factors by simply moving from a sitting to a standing position throughout the work day.


Standing Desk Converters from HealthPostures

HealthPostures designs and manufactures assisted desktop workstations and other sit-stand solutions to promote a healthy lifestyle and improve workplace conditions. All of our sit-stand desk products are proudly made in America.


To learn more about our adjustable ergonomic desk and other products, contact us today.