6200 TaskMate Journey Standing Desk

Electric Journey standing desk in use


Effortlessly move from a sitting to a standing position

The TaskMate Journey electric standing desk is a streamlined version of our TaskMate Executive. This variable height sit to stand workstation delivers extensive ergonomic capabilities while the electric lift mechanism provides the ease of pressing a button to quickly go from sitting to standing. The unparalleled double-jointed keyboard mechanism and all-in-one keyboard tray provide a variety of ergonomic positions to keep the serious professional mobile while working.

This adjustable sit to stand workstation will fit on top of any desk or in any corner, making it a perfect choice for cubicles, corporate offices, home offices and more. The TaskMate Journey is the perfect addition to an individual’s work environment that is concerned with their health, productivity, and happiness.

Features of the TaskMate Journey electric standing desk:

  • 14” x 11” work surface
  • Easy to push toggle switch in the center of unit
  • All-in-one keyboard tray
  • Double-jointed keyboard mechanism
  • Can lift up to 75lbs
  • Can accommodate a dual monitor mount arm
  • Proudly made in the USA


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6200 Taskmate Journey Specifications
TaskMate Electronic Owners Manual-2013-11×17

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Retail Price $999

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  1. Carol Escher says:


    I wanted to make sure the Task Mate Jouney 6200 will accept the Dual Monitor with Articulating Arm 6912. What is the timeline for delievery? What is your return policy?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Carol,

      Thank you for your interest in our products! The articulating arm 6912 works great with the 6200 TaskMate Journey. We usually ship next day or same day if we receive the order before 1:00 pm central time. You can read our return policy here: https://healthpostures.com/return-policy/.

      If you have any other questions please don,t hesitate to contact us!


  2. Hi Dave,
    I received your Taskmate desk- model 6200 with dual mount arm and I am really enjoying it. The person who assembled the arm apparently discarded the directions and I need to have the height of the monitors readjusted. Is it possible to send me the assembly directions so the monitor height can be changed?



  3. Elly Rudoloh says:

    I like taskmae 6200, but it is too expensive. Do you have similar less expensive product? I don’t need electric adjustment. I have reviewed taskmate Go, but inability to adjust the distance between keyboard and monitor does not meet my need. Thanks.

  4. Elly Rudoloh says:

    Thank you for the quick response. 6400 TaskMate EZ does not work, because I want to have ability to put my keyboard under desk height. Also I want keyboard tilt.

    Can I put monitor on top of taskmate 6200? Or do I need to purchase additional accessories?


    • Hi Elly,

      No, you do not need any additional accessories for your monitor on a 6200 as long as your monitor has a base.

  5. I have two monitors with stands. Is the table on the 6200 big enough to hold two monitors

    • Hi Patti,

      No, the table on the 6200 would not be large enough to hold 2 monitors but you can install an aftermarket accessory dual monitor holder (part # 6912) that will do the job quite nicely.

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