6350 TaskMate Go Dual Monitor Standing Desk

Dual Monitor Standing Desk



One monitor at a time not enough to fit your fast-paced workstyle? This adjustable dual monitor standing desk is for you! We have combined the Taskmate Go with the Dual monitor arm to provide you with a sit stand desk that works as hard as you do!


The TaskMate Go dual monitor standing desk from HealthPostures is a sleek, cost effective way to enjoy a healthy energetic work-style. With this dual monitor adjustable standing desk, you can effortlessly move from a sitting position to a standing position improving productivity and comfort and have the freedom to move whenever you like.

Just clamp the Taskmate Go sit stand desk  to your existing work surface and mount your computer monitor. A simple squeeze of the conveniently placed lever is all you need to move your monitor, keyboard, mouse and other items into a comfortable standing position. Releasing the lever at the desired height causes the unit to to lock into place giving you a sturdy, dual monitor adjustable standing desk.

The Taskmate Go dual monitor standing desk will not only keep you energetic and focused throughout your workday, it will also help you burn calories, lose weight and alleviate back pain. It’s all in a day’s work for the adjustable dual monitor stand! The 6350 TaskMate Go is proudly made in the USA.


  1. Al Caldwell says:

    How does this work, I see no cables attached to the monitors in any of these photos. Are they concealed somehow?

    • Hi Al,

      Thank you for your interest in our products!

      Cables are left out of the pictures for ease of viewing. In a real life situation the cables will not be concealed but they will not get in the way of the function either. if you have any other questions feel free to give us a call at 952-873-3266.

  2. Hello,

    I am in the market for a sit-stand option for my desk and was referred to the Taskmate 6350. Can you tell me about it? The pictures and info don’t tell me if the wires can be concealed/contained neatly, the size of the mini desk above key board (will it hold a opened folder?) or what the product is made of and its warranty and life span.

    I appreciate the feedback

    • Hi Mary,

      Thank you for your interest in our products.

      There is not a lot of wire management integrated into this unit because of the nature of the movement. I do however find it very easy to tuck away the monitor cables and I prefer to use a wireless keyboard/mouse when available.

      The upper work surface dimensions are 19″W x 11″D.

      All of our TaskMate products are made of high grade steel right here in the USA. We offer a 5 year warranty on all of our products and expect them to last a lifetime.

      If you have any further questions please feel free to call our office at 952-873-3266.

  3. Are the monitors stuck in one position once mounted (straight across?)? I can’t tell if the monitors are allowed to be angled in slightly.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your interest in our products.

      The monitor mounts on the 6350 dual monitor Taskmate Go can spin, tilt up and down, or angle inward and outward.

  4. From sitting to standing what is the travel range? I’m pretty tall and majority of the systems like this only raise up about 15-20 inches.

    • Hi Brett,

      Thank you for your interest in our products! The height range of the 6350 TaskMate Go Dual is 18″. I myself am 6’5″ tall and it works OK for me although it could be a bit taller.

  5. What is the weight capacity of these? We use all-in-one systems that weigh from 15(20″)-21(23″) pounds, would it be possible to use a regular (4-7lbs) monitor with the heavier all-in-one?

  6. Edie Bottemiller says:

    Does your product work with Apple computers?

    • Hi Edie,

      That depends on the model of the Apple computer but in my experience most apples do not have VESA style mounting capabilities. In that case our 6100 and 6200 models might be a better fit for you.

  7. Edie Bottemiller says:

    What’s the maximum size for a single monitor?

    • Hi Edie,

      We believe this product will work great with up to a 27″ monitor providing you do not exceed the 35 lb. maximum weight limit.

  8. If I am using two monitors now but, switch jobs and at the next job only use one monitor — is it possible to center the monitor so the 6350 Taskmate Go can be used also for future “unknown” jobs…??

    • Hi Glenn,

      You can’t center the monitor on a 6350 the way it is shipped but we can send you out the part that will enable you to easily convert your 6350 into a 6300.

  9. I was wondering how difficult it is to raise and lower the 6350 task-mate? I am applying to get one with work due to lower back problems, and my concern is that I may hurt my back in the process of raising and lowering my computer. Can you give me your thoughts on this?

    • Hi Jamie,

      It is quite easy to lift 2 monitors on a 6350 Taskmate. In fact the unit does about 80-90% of the lifting for you in most instances where 2 monitors are used. It does 100% of the lifting when using 1 monitor. It will depend a little on the weight of your monitors as well.

  10. I have a HP Touchsmart Envy23 – spec sheet says it’s 26.72# and a second monitor HP Paviilion 25bw, spec sheet states it’s 9.71#. Total appears to exceed the 35# max however, I’m not sure what weight would be if the stands are removed. 2 quetions: do you know if the back of the HP Touchsmarts have the necessary holes to mount to your system? and, if the weight limit is slightly exceeded, do you have any other recommendations. I’m desperate- neck issue makes it necessary for me to figure something out quickly before I do any further damage. Appreciate any guidance you can provide.

    • Hi Laurel,

      I don’t know any specifics about those particular monitors but if it says in has standard VESA mounting holes, it would work with our products. Having a neck issue, you may want to check out the Taskmate 6200 Journey. It is a bit more expensive but it is fully electronic so there is no need to worry about re-injuring yourself while lifting the weight of your monitors up. Considering your issue and the amount of hours you more than likely interact with your computer. the TaskMate Journey would probably be a very wise investment for you.

  11. Amazing product, i just got it about 1 week ago. I love it! Keeps the kids from reaching the computer, and its healthy too!

  12. Can the all in one keyboard from the executive model be attached to this desk? I use a large ergonomic keyboard and ball style mouse that needs to be on the same platform as the keyboard. I don’t like the style of the keyboard tray shown but do like the rest of this desk set up. Also I need a keyboard tray that can adjust up to a 7 degree angle. Is this keyboard tilt adjustable in both a positive and negative angles? Thanks.

    • The all in one keyboard tray does not work on the TaskMate Go. The tray included is the only option for that product at this time. The keyboard tray on the TaskMate Go is adjustable in 3 positions, flat, -5 degrees and -10 degrees. No positive tilt options are available.

  13. Hi,

    Is there a freestanding version that does not need to be attached to a desk but will still provide adequate height?



  14. Hi,
    would you have a mix between the TaskMate 6400 and 6350. I am looking for how the 6400 is mounted to the back of the desk with a flat tray for the keyboard that can sit pretty flat to the desk, but with the 6350 easy ability to adjust the height and keyboard at the same time. As well as having a dual monitor. Any suggestions??


  15. I have a circular reception desk and am finding it difficult to locate a sit/stand to fit. Depth of the unit is a concern along with width of work surface and keyboard tray. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Penny,

      Thanks for contacting HealthPostures.

      I would recommend that you take a look at the TaskMate Go.

      The TaskMate Go has a two point base system and along with a beveled keyboard tray that allows the unit to fit in most any desk pattern.

  16. Hi what is the distance of the base (ie the space needed for the clips at the base).

    • The space between the base clamps is 13″ and the width from the outside part of the base is 16″. The base has a two point design so that the TaskMate Go will fit into any corner desk situation.

  17. Are these adaptable to iMac’s? My company buys these for us but I don’t see anything for securing a base. I have a 27” iMac.



    • The TaskMate Go has a standard VERSA monitor mount hole pattern. Apple does offer a VESA adapter kit for the iMac at a very reasonable price. A 27″ iMac would work on the TaskMate Go with this adapter kit. You may also want to consider the TaskMate Journey (6200) which is an electrical unit and the monitor will sit on the platform

  18. Charles Hall says:

    The video shows the unit being clamped down at the edge of the work surface, placing the keyboard in front of the work surface in the “down” position. Can the unit be mounted further back on the work surface? I don’t have room for a keyboard to project out like that when sitting.

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