Standing Desk Comparison: HealthPostures’ TaskMate Go vs. Competitors

The HealthPostures TaskMate Go can STAND UP to other desktop standing desks when they are compared side-by-side.  Let’s takes a closer look with this standing desk comparison.

HealthPostures TaskMate Go Standing Desk Compared to the Competitors


standing desk comparison chart

Fully Assembled: Being fully assembled when you received the shipment at your door is one of the few benefits that stack up equally between the TaskMate Go and other standing desks. As soon as you open the package, you are nearly ready to get back to work, standing up!

Clamps Securely to Desktop: With the HealthPostures Go, you will feel like your existing desk and the standing desk are one, because it is clamped so securely. Competitor standing desks tend to lose stability as they rise.

Small Desk Surface Footprint: A common complaint with our competitor’s standing desks is how much desk surface is wasted. With the TaskMate Go, we want to leave you with as much room to work on your desk as possible. Many competitor desks do not leave room for a notepad, phone, or other necessities.

Keyboard Ergonomically fits below the Desk Surface: HealthPostures is not just about standing. We design our standing products to provider true ergonomic support in both sitting and standing. This includes the keyboard tray, which ergonomically fits below the desk surface.

Stress Free Raising Motion: While the TaskMate Go has a natural raising motion, many of its competitors lose stability as the desk rises to the standing position. This unstable raising motion is often due to how the desk moves up and outward when it is fully extended.

Easy to use in a Corner Cubicle: We know that desks come in all sizes. Whether you are in a corner cubicle, have the corner office, or somewhere in between, the HealthPostures Go will work for your corner desk without a converter. Competitor desks also tend to move up and then outward, which limits where the product can be used.

100% USA Made: HealthPostures is proudly 100% USA Made which couldn’t make us prouder. This is why are a top choice of veteran owned business and government entities that know the value of standing desks and products made in the USA.

Built-in Monitor Mount: The TaskMate Go has a built-in monitor mount included. Many other standing desk competitors will make this an add-on item that will cost you more money in the long-run.

Have more questions about standing desks versus other standing desk manufacturers?  Since we have been in the standing desk industry since 1998, we have the answers and solutions to common standing desk challenges. Contact us here or call us at 800-277-1841.