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Sit-stand products like adjustable, standing desks and ergonomic desk chairs provide a range of health benefits for workers who spend long periods of time behind a desk. HealthPostures has been focused on designing and manufacturing sit-stand solutions since 1996. We are experts in manufacturing sit-stand products that meet our customer’s needs.


Headquartered in Prior Lake, MN and proudly made in the USA, our products are the perfect solutions for a variety of workplaces, including:


• Government

• Industrial

• Office

• Call Center

• Healthcare

• Education

• Retail

Sit Stand Products from HealthPostures

HealthPostures Electric Desktop

The Electric Lift is an ergonomic, easily adjustable electric standing desk. With just the touch of a button, the
HealthPostures Electric Desktop Workstation series adjusts to your height, making for a comfortable,
health-beneficial desktop.
HealthPostures Manual Desktop

This is a durable sit stand movable workstation that easily attaches to your desk. It offers a range of adjustable
benefits to make your work days more comfortable.
Electric Lift Legs:

This sit-stand product allows you to alter your current desk or cubicle to make it an adjustable, standing desk.
This allows you to save money and space, while still experiencing all the health benefits our sit-stand products
have to offer.
Ergonomic Sit-Stand Chairs:

These ergonomic desk chairs offer the freedom and movement you need to sit or stand in a natural position, instead
of the rigid, unnatural shape of typical desk chairs.

The Benefits of Sit-Stand Products


Using an adjustable sit-stand products offers a range of benefits. By limiting sedentary time during the day, you can help lower your risk of a variety of potential health concerns like poor circulation, weight gain, and high blood sugar levels. Sit-stand products can also benefit your mental health, improving your mood, increasing your energy levels, and lowering your stress.


Other potential benefits of standing desks include:

• Back pain relief

• Use of different muscles

• Higher productivity

• More calories burned

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We have been focused on designing and manufacturing sit-stand solutions since 1996. We manufacture quality products that benefit the overall health of our customers, allowing you to not only feel better, but to be more productive.


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