Sit-Stand Stance Seating Solutions

Sitting for extended periods time can be detrimental to your health, but standing for long periods without movement can also take a toll on your body. The solution is pairing your standing desk with an office sit/stand stance chair. Sit/stand chairs allow you to work in an upright position without putting unnecessary pressure on your legs and feet.


For thousands of years’ chairs have forced humans to conform to their rigid shapes despite inherent contradictions between the chair and human design until now. The answer is freedom of movement found in the Stance Angle Chair from HealthPostures.


The original sit-stand chair is the perfect fit with any sit-stand workstation and will change the way we spend our day in the office. Browse the available American-made ergonomic standing chairs for sale.


The Benefits of An Ergonomic Sit/Stand Posture Seating System

Sitting or standing in the same position for long periods can sit-stand ergonomic stance chairs provide several benefits to your productivity, mood, and overall health.  Benefits of sit/stand stance seating solutions are:


  • Reduces Strain on Knees: Our ergonomic sit/stand stance chairs allow you to lean while still in an upright position, giving you the benefits of standing without putting weight on your legs. This helps reduce strain on your knee joints.
  • Improves Circulation: Continuously standing can lead to poor circulation and swelling in the legs. Using an office sit-stand stance chair allows you to flex your lower leg muscles which encourages better circulation in your legs.
  • Increases Productivity: Being more active and working from a semi-leaning stance naturally increases cardiovascular activity. This affects the way your brain oxygenates, leading to improved mental awareness. It has also been known to improve your overall mood and energy levels, all of which contribute to your productivity.
  • Reduce Lower Back Pain: Standing for extended periods puts constant tension on the lower back muscles, and sitting for long periods also puts strain on your back, which is usually in an unnatural, curved position. The ergonomic sit stand posture seating system puts the spine in a more natural position and lets the back muscles relax.

Choosing the Right Office Sit-Stand Stance Chair

When finding the right sit/stand body support seating system for your application, there are a few criteria to consider. One of the most important qualities that a sit/stand chair can have is being lightweight. A lightweight chair will be easy to lift, making it convenient to replace your standard chair. It also means it’s easy to transport to another desk, if you need to.


Another quality to consider is whether the chair is adjustable. Office sit-stand stance chairs should not only be height adjustable, but you should be able to adjust its position to support your lower back. Above all, your sit-stand chair should be comfortable and supportive for a long work day.


Sit/Stand Ergonomic Stance Chairs from HealthPostures


  • 5100 Stance Angle Sit Stand Chair: This sit/stand stance chair easily transitions from a sitting position to an assisted standing position. It features a contoured backrest, two adjustable armrests, and an angled footrest to keep you comfortable and supported all day.
  • 5000 Stance Move Sit-Stand Chair: This ergonomic stance chair offers both a sit-stand and kneeling office chair option. It’s a lightweight, affordable option for office and industrial workers, providing flexibility and comfort.
  • 5050 Stance Move Sit-Stand Chair EXT: This sit-stand body support system is similar to the 5000 Stance Move, but offers a seat extension to accommodate those who are 5’ 10” or taller. This sit-stand stance chair provides a variety of settings to support sitting, kneeling or assisted standing positions.


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Our sit-stand solutions are designed and manufactured to improve the health, mood, and productivity of our customers. To learn more about our office sit-stand stance chair or other ergonomic products, contact us today.

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