HealthPostures  has many stand up desks for sale to provide healthcare employees a flexible solution for a better work environment. HealthPostures’ functional and easy to install products provide ergonomic office solutions for a variety of healthcare facility settings:

Computer TaskMate

Radiology Reading Rooms


Security Centers

Surface TaskMate  


Having the right sit-stand products in place is essential in today’s healthcare facilities where it is necessary to focus on high-quality care.  Individuals will invest in their well-being when they realize they have more energy and feel better while using the sit-stand work style.


People are built differently and work differently.  Adding the TaskMate to your Healthcare facility will create a more comfortable and productive work place.
-Transforms to meet seated and standing needs in the healthcare facilities
-Gives you the support and flexibility you need in order to complete those daily tasks.
-Promotes healthy ergonomics, enabling users to change their working positions from seated to standing.
-Adjust from seated to standing delivering the complete range of ergonomic postural benefits of a true sit-to-stand workstation
-Easy height adjustment for multiple workers sharing a workstation



Healthcare Ergonomic Benifits

  • Create health sit to stand workplace for healthcare facility personnel
  • Avoid fatigue and improve attentiveness
  • Help make electronic information more accessible
  • Highly functional and easy to install products
  • Easy installation
  • Cost-effective alternative
  • Products adapt easily into current sites and future integrated facility upgrades
  • Reduce the rate of Absenteeism
  • Improve morale
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve quality of work
  • Easily move from a sitting to a standing position
  • Comfortable prolonged computing
  • Burns calories while at work
  • Quickly attaches to most any work surface
  • Telephone holder
  • Copy holder
  • Extended platform work surface
  • All-in-one keyboard tray
  • Adjustable keyboard  tray
  • Electronic height adjustment


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