Industrial Ergonomic Workstation Solutions


The right Industrial work desk ergonomics can help people feel more physically comfortable in their work environments. Healthy employees are more likely to generate quality work in a shorter amount of time, and also to have a more positive attitude about their jobs, contributing to overall workplace morale.

HealthPostures Industrial Ergonomic products will change your static workplace to a more productive, comfortable and healthy work space.

Benefits of Ergonomic Solutions for Industrial Environments

Industrial ergonomic manufacturing equipment offers a variety of benefits in the workplace. Not only can the ergonomic workstation solutions provide health benefits for employees, but they also increase productivity and help reduce health insurance and workers’ compensation costs.

Ergonomic furniture promotes good posture and provides an opportunity to be active throughout the day. Using ergonomic furniture takes the pressure off of your back and legs, improving circulation, limiting back pain, and preventing MSDs.

Industrial ergonomic workplace furniture also improves productivity and quality of work by improving overall working conditions. Ergonomic furniture boosts energy and reduces fatigue, making workers more motivated to work, and less distracted by aches and pains.

Overall, ergonomic workstations provide a safer workplace environment. By improving the health and safety of workers, the risk for injuries lowers—and so does the cost for these injuries.

Applications of Industrial Ergonomic Workplace Furniture

HealthPostures provides height-adjustable ergonomic solutions for the following industrial areas:

  • Light Industrial/Assembly
  • Manufacturing
  • Parts and Service
  • Shipping/Receiving
  • Mailrooms
  • Print Shops

Industrial Ergonomic Workstation Solutions from HealthPostures

TaskMate EZ Surface (6450)                                             


TaskMate EZ (6400)

6400 TaskMate EZ


TaskMate EZ Surface (6450) and TaskMate EZ (6400)

These workstations are stand up desks that promote a healthier lifestyle and help make electronic information more accessible.

The TaskMate EZ workstations also provide:

  • Easy installation
  • Height-Adjustability
  • Cost-effective alternative

Stance Move (5000)                                                                  

Stance Move (5000) and Stance Move EXT with back extension (5050)

The Stance Move ergonomic workplace furniture allow you to easily move from a sitting to a standing position. The products adapt easily into current sites and future integrated facility upgrades. Because of the numerous health benefits, the Stance Move products improve workplace morale, as well.

Stance Move EXT with back extension (5050)


  • Easily move from a sitting to a standing position
  • Products adapt easily into current sites and future integrated facility upgrades
  • Improve morale

Surface TaskMate (6252)


Surface TaskMate (6254)


Surface TaskMate (6252) and Surface TaskMate (6254)

These workstations are stand-up desks, providing ease of access. They quickly attach to almost any work surface, making the versatile and portable. These industrial ergonomic workplace solutions also provide:

  • Extended platform work surface
  • Electronic height adjustment
  • Highly functional and easy to install product

Comfort Mat (6000)


The Comfort Mat is a 20″ x 32″ mat that helps make standing more comfortable and less taxing on the body. It allows industrial workers to:

  • Avoid fatigue and improve attentiveness
  • Reduce the rate of Absenteeism
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve quality of work

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Industrial ergonomic workstation solutions greatly improve a company’s productivity. Implement a healthy industrial ergonomic workplace with HealthPostures products today!

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