HealthPostures products embrace education sit stand ergonomics and the overall learning experience in educational institutions by providing standing desks for schools that are cost-effective and beneficial in a number of educational settings.

Where are ergonomic school desks being used?

High Schools – Technical Colleges – Universities

Who can benefit most from standing desks in schools?

Administration Offices – The sit stand ergonomic TaskMate is a high-quality adjustable workstation that provides energy for a healthier way to work in the school administration office.  Transform any surface into a personalized height adjustable computer workstation.

Media Center – Computer access by multiple users is key in the educational process of today’s media center.  A healthy adjustable work surface is essential for education sit stand ergonomics in the technology advance schools.  The Computer TaskMate will fit into an existing media center layout and will make computer access comfortable and easy for today’s students.

Security – Campus security officers work long hours and spend a good amount of time at a computer monitoring system.  Many times multiple security officers share a computer workstation where a height adjustable Computer TaskMate can increase awareness and improve productivity.

Science Labs – Commonly used laboratory apparatuses such as safety screens and microscopes force students and researchers to assume a boxer’s dodge stance, with arms outstretched in an elevated position for the entire duration of a manipulation. A prolonged static position can generate muscle fatigue in the neck region, leading to pain.  The Surface TaskMate standing workstation will fit securely onto a lab table or counter and easily adjust the height of a microscope. With this ergonomic standing school desk, muscle fatigue can be avoided and more focus can be put on the science project.

Ergonomic School Desks Solutions

  • Functional and easy to install
  • Height adjustable standing desks for schools accommodates the height of students in multiple grade levels
  • Easily move from a sitting to a standing position
  • Comfortable prolonged computing
  • Standing desks in schools help burn calories while at work
  • Quickly attaches to most any work surface
  • Telephone holder
  • Copy holder
  • Extended platform work surface
  • All-in-one keyboard tray
  • Adjustable keyboard  tray
  • Electronic height adjustment

Implement standing desks for schools today!