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Good call center ergonomics can be the difference between a productive, dynamic call center and a lack luster, static call center.







The Computer TaskMate from HealthPostures will give call center associates the freedom to move from a sitting to a standing position while staying on task.

The nature of their work demands that call center agents spend the majority of their workday sitting at their computer workstation, a situation that can lead to lost productivity, health problems related to repetitive stress injuries, down time, increased turnover, absenteeism, increased insurance and/or workers’ compensation claims, and possibly even legal liability. Fortunately, appropriate call center desks like the sit to stand Computer TaskMate from HealthPostures can reduce these risks and provide agents with pleasant and healthy stand up workstations that can boost morale and productivity.
The most common health problems that call center employees suffer are disorders in blood circulation and injuries affecting the muscles, that’s why call center ergonomics is so important. HealthPostures offers standing desk for call centers to contact center associates who are required to work for hours in a static work situation.  Innovative stand up workstations from HealthPostures will create a dynamic sit to stand workplace to provide healthy movement and added comfort to call center desks.

TaskMate stand up workstations are ideal in all of these work areas:                 

911 Emergency Centers             Fulfillment Center
IT Help Desk                               Conference and Seminar Registration
Customer Support                       Customer Acquisition
Inbound Services                         Lead Capture
Live Phone Support

HealthPostures Call Center Ergonomics Solution

  • Easy installation
  • Cost-effective alternative
  • Products adapt easily into current sites and future integrated facility upgrades
  • Reduce the rate of Absenteeism
  • Improve morale
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve quality of work
  • Easily move from a sitting to a standing position
  • Comfortable prolonged computing
  • Burns calories while at work
  • Quickly attaches to most any work surface
  • Telephone holder
  • Copy holder
  • Extended platform work surface
  • All-in-one keyboard tray
  • Adjustable keyboard  tray
  • Electronic height adjustment


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