Improve Your Workday Comfort

Embracing a standing work routine can be a proactive step in reducing the likelihood of experiencing discomfort and soreness. The adoption of a standing desk setup can additionally enhance your concentration and overall work efficiency. If you’re contemplating the integration of a sit-stand or standing desk into your workstation, read through the following to learn […]

The Dangers of a Sedentary Lifestyle

If your day to day involves sitting for more than six hours without breaks to stretch, and lacks regular exercise, you are living a sedentary lifestyle. This lifestyle can be a significant contributor to various diseases and health issues, including heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Keep reading to explore three of the most […]

Improve Vascular Health With a Sit-Stand Desk

Sitting at work for long hours may be contributing to your vascular health problems. Using a sit-stand desk could be a great solution to help improve your health. A sit-stand desk allows you to raise and lower the height of the desk manually or electronically, so that it supports working from a seated or standing […]

How Sitting Contributes to Back Pain

If you have a desk job, you may suffer from body aches and pains at the end of the day. Even if you have a mostly sedentary job, you can take some steps to reduce your risk of chronic or acute back pain. Here’s a look at how sitting all day contributes to back pain […]

Can Sitting Contribute to Heart Disease?

Heart disease is the leading cause of death throughout the world. In a number of research studies, it’s been demonstrated that there is an undeniable link between heart disease and a sedentary lifestyle. In other words, the more time you spend seated, the higher the risk of heart disease.  Sitting Is the New Smoking There’s […]

Signs You Need Better Workplace Ergonomics

Workplace ergonomics is the intentional study and practice of improving workstations, so they are safer, easier to use, and more comfortable. Ergonomic office equipment and workstations can reduce your risk of work-related injuries, aches and pains, and health issues related to sitting at a desk all day. You may be at a higher risk of […]

Live a Healthier Lifestyle With a Standing Desk

Office jobs can make for a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, which in turn, makes losing weight more challenging. However, there are ways to incorporate small, but impactful lifestyle changes into your day-to-day work that can help to kick start your journey toward a healthier lifestyle. One of the most effective ways to up your activity and […]

5 Desk Exercises for an Office Workout

Sitting at a desk all day can lead to fatigue, aches and pains, and even heart problems and metabolism issues. Using a standing desk or sit-stand desk can mitigate the risk of health issues and improve your energy level and metabolism. You can further improve your health by exercising at your standing desk throughout the […]

Managing Your Chronic Back Pain

Most people experience back pain at some point in their lives, no matter how careful and healthy they are. Intermittent or occasional back pain isn’t the same thing as chronic back pain, however. Chronic back pain refers to any type of back pain that lasts for more than three months. Thankfully, there are things you […]

Improve Circulation With a Standing Desk

When you have a job that requires you to sit at a desk for hours each day, your circulation will suffer. Poor circulation can lead to several health problems — some of which can be permanent. Using a standing desk for better circulation can improve your overall health, and improve your productivity, focus, and energy. […]

The Advantages of Standing Desks in Call Centers

A standing desk, or sit-stand desk, can offer several surprising health benefits to employees. Providing standing desks for call center employees will entice them to stand more at work and improve workplace ergonomics — which in turn will bring about many other benefits for employees. Take a look at some of the advantages of standing […]

Signs You Have Poor Posture

If you sit at a desk all day at work, your posture can suffer. Poor posture can contribute to work-related injuries like neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, muscle fatigue, headaches and migraines, and eye strain. By correcting your posture and using ergonomic office equipment, you can reduce your risk of workplace injuries. Here’s how […]