Do Workplace Ergonomics Really Matter?

Workplace ergonomics aims to reduce the strain, injuries, and discomfort caused by the design and setup of a traditional workplace environment. Workplace ergonomics may look like properly positioning your chair, desk, and keyboard or implementing the use of a revolutionary stand-up desk. No matter how you optimize your space, workplace ergonomics can provide a range […]

Adjust Your Monitor To Help Your Vision Health

In this booming era of technology, we spend a significant amount of time in front of a screen – which can be harmful to our vision health. From work to socializing on our phones and relaxing in front of the television, screen time has become a regular part of our daily routine. By the end […]

Fight Burnout at Work With a Standing Desk

Avoid the Effects of Workplace Fatigue and Burnout with a Standing Desk Several studies have discovered that excessive time spent sitting at a desk can result in increased enervation and mental health struggles. This can cause workplace fatigue and burnout. It has been proven that standing desks combat this increasingly prominent workplace strain by lowering […]

5 Tips to Keep Your Muscles Engaged at Work

Keep Your Muscles Engaged While Using Your Standing Desk at Work A standing desk can change the trajectory of your health. Studies have found that sitting for extended periods, regardless of your activity level before and after your workday, is directly linked to early mortality and health conditions. You can combat this frightening reality by […]

Does a Standing Desk Reduce Blood Sugar?

Get to Know Standing Desks A standing desk is a desk alternative that is gaining popularity for its versatility. With an adjustable height standing desk, you can stand or sit while you work, allowing you to have more flexibility and movement throughout your workday. Standing desks are fully adjustable and allow you to customize the […]

Increase Work Productivity with a Standing Desk!

Boosting Workplace Productivity with a Standing Desk Standing desks have increased in popularity in recent years. The ability to stand while working proves to offer many health benefits. However, did you know it could also improve your mood and boost productivity? Research has found that being able to stand at your desk or alternate between […]

Ease Back Pain by Switching to a Standing Desk

If you suffer from back pain, you’re not alone. In fact, back pain is one of the most common health complaints in the United States. And while there are many possible causes of back pain—including herniated discs and poor posture—one of the most common culprits for back pain is a sedentary lifestyle. If you’re sitting […]

Do Standing Desks Promote Weight Loss?

You’ve already heard about the standing desks benefits, including reduced soreness, improved focus, and increased energy. But what about weight loss? Can a standing desk help you burn more calories throughout the day and promote weight loss? Read on to find out how one of our standing desks can help you get healthier and improve […]

Why Adjustable Height Standing Desks Are Perfect for Hybrid Office Schedules

An adjustable height standing desk will conform to whatever situation works best for you, allowing you to sit or stand in the most comfortable position while you work. This can improve your posture, reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries, and lessen neck and lower back pain. Adjustable height standing desks are perfect for hybrid […]

How Sit Stand Desks Can Help Reduce Back Pain

  Sitting at a desk all day can put extra pressure on the delicate structures of the lower back, leading to back pain and spasms. Your posture while you work at your computer can also contribute to recurring or chronic lower back pain. Using an ergonomic desk that allows you to work while sitting or […]

Tips for Improving Your Comfort at Your New Standing Desk

Your standing desk helps you to stay active, burn more calories, and enjoy a higher level of overall wellness. But if you’re not used to using a standing desk, you may be dealing with some discomfort throughout your workday. Try these tips from HealthPostures to improve your comfort at your new standing desk and be […]

Can Standing Desks Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes?

You may have heard about the benefits of standing desks, like improved circulation, higher calorie burning levels, and reduced pain or soreness. But did you know that standing desks can reduce your risk of diseases like diabetes? Let’s look at the science behind the relationship between standing desks and diabetes.  Causes of Diabetes The cause […]