Fight Burnout at Work With a Standing Desk

Burnout at work

Avoid the Effects of Workplace Fatigue and Burnout with a Standing Desk

Several studies have discovered that excessive time spent sitting at a desk can result in increased enervation and mental health struggles. This can cause workplace fatigue and burnout. It has been proven that standing desks combat this increasingly prominent workplace strain by lowering feelings of stress and fatigue while improving mood and energy levels. Here are several ways a standing desk can change your workday perspective.

How a Standing Desk Helps Fight Burnout

Improved Brain Health 

When you spend your day sitting at a desk, your brain does not receive adequate oxygen, resulting in decreased production of brain chemicals. You may feel low when your brain is not getting the necessary chemicals to thrive. Just as exercise provides happy endorphins, a standing desk, which engages your muscles and helps you avoid positions that restrict blood flow, can restore the brain chemicals that keep your brain stimulated and healthy, resulting in a positive outlook on your workday. 

Boost Productivity 

Regular movement increases your energy levels, allowing you to improve your physical performance and mental output. Moving your body throughout your workday reduces workplace fatigue by enabling you to keep your momentum up. When your brain is well-fed, your focus and concentration are optimal, allowing you to function in a timely, productive manner.

Keep Your Body Engaged 

Busy professionals may find it challenging to incorporate exercise into their busy schedules. A standing desk enables workers to get their necessary daily movement in without taking time away from their time-sensitive work tasks. Standing at a desk allows individuals to keep their muscles engaged and reduces the risk of health complications associated with a sedentary lifestyle. 

Feel Better, Work Better 

Standing desks have increased in popularity in part because they minimize the mental strain associated with prolonged sitting times. When an individual feels good in their body and mind, they have a lower risk of experiencing burnout.

If you’re ready to improve the function and value of your workday, contact HealthPostures to discuss our life-changing standing desks.