HealthPostures Electric Desktop Workstation

Desktop converters are used in a range of industries, from government to healthcare to at-home offices, to provide a healthier, more comfortable work experience. They allow you to shift seamlessly from sitting to standing, providing greater opportunity to be active during your workday.


HealthPostures is a pioneer in the world of ergonomic computer desks. The HealthPostures Electric Lift is the very first ergonomic, height adjustable desktop unit that hit the market in 2004. The timeless ingenuity and design of electric standing desks make the HealthPostures Electric Desktop Workstation easy to use and adjust with just the touch of a button. All of our HealthPostures Electric Desktop Workstation products are proudly made in America.

Health Benefits of the Adjustable Height Desk

Standing and moving throughout the work day is beneficial to both your health and productivity. The HealthPostures desktop workstation standing desks are easily adjustable, going from sitting position to a comfortable standing position quickly. Standing throughout the day can improve your circulation, contribute to weight loss, and help relieve back pain.


A desktop workstation also supports your mental health. By being more active throughout the day, you can boost your mood and lower your stress levels.

Benefits of Electric Desktop Workstation in the Workplace

Not only do electric desktop workstation contribute to your health, but they also improve workplace productivity. They have a large impact on your mood and overall energy levels, motivating you to focus and get more work done.


A common concern about desktop converters is whether they inhibit or affect employees’ ability to do their work, but the HealthPostures Electric Desktop Workstation is designed to fit almost any office environment and contribute to the overall health and wellness of its users. It is an ideal size to fit monitors, laptops, keyboards, and other technologies used in your workplace.


The easy, electric adjustment mechanism seamlessly raises and lowers to avoid any interruption in your work flow. You can stay focused and productive, while still staying active.

Adjustable Height Desktop Workstations from HealthPostures

6100 HealthPostures Executive Desktop Converter: This desktop converter is designed with the professional in mind, providing a variety of features like document or phone holders and an all-in-one keyboard tray. This desk is the ideal solution for any corporate office or home office.


6200 HealthPostures Journey: Similar to the HealthPostures Executive, this desktop converter offers the ergonomic capabilities and easy-to-use electric lift mechanism that your office requires. It fits any desk  or office corner, making it the ideal workstation for cubicles, corporate offices, home offices, or other professional environment.


6252 HealthPostures Platform Lift: This desktop converter is ideal for those who need to stay standing while they work. It is easily adjustable for any height, making it especially useful if multiple workers use the same workspace.


6254 HealthPostures Standing Lift: This standing movable workstation is similar to the 6252 HealthPostures Platform Lift, but more compact, making it perfect for smaller workspaces. From mounting a POS system to using a microscope, this standing desk offers the comfort and functionality you need.

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At HealthPostures, we manufacture the best sit-stand products that lower health risks and provide a more comfortable work experience. Since 1996, we have been designing and manufacturing adjustable height desktop workstations to better suit the industries of our customers.


To learn more about our HealthPostures electric desktop converters or other sit-stand product, contact us today or request a quote.

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