6254 Surface TaskMate Standing Workstation



Stand in comfort with the Surface TaskMate

The Surface TaskMate 6254 standing movable workstation is a slightly smaller version of the 6252 Surface TaskMate workstation platform, making it ideal for smaller workspaces. With variable height adjustment at the push of a button, it’s an ideal electric stand up desk platform option for anyone that needs to remain standing while working. The fast and simple adjustment is even more beneficial if multiple workers are using the same workspace, allowing each person to personalize the height to them. The standard stand up desk platform enables a wide variety of tasks such as mounting POS systems or peering into a microscope, all while adjusting the comfort level to fit the user.

This compact, electric movable workstation can be placed on top of any work surface or into any corner. Improve the comfort, functionality and posture of employee workspaces to ensure the highest quality and output. The Surface TaskMate standing movable desk workstation will transform any work environment into a comfortable, ergonomically productive powerhouse!


Features of the Surface TaskMate electric standing workstation:

  • 14” x 11.5” work surface
  • Easy to push toggle switch in the center of unit
  • Can lift up to 75lbs
  • Will fit on any surface with at least 20” x 15” of available space
  • Proudly made in the USA



TaskMate Electronic Owners Manual-2013-11×17