How Sit Stand Desks Can Help Reduce Back Pain


Sitting at a desk all day can put extra pressure on the delicate structures of the lower back, leading to back pain and spasms. Your posture while you work at your computer can also contribute to recurring or chronic lower back pain. Using an ergonomic desk that allows you to work while sitting or standing can improve your posture and reduce lower back pain by allowing your muscles to stretch and rest as needed. You can further improve your posture and reduce pain, stiffness, inflammation, and repetitive stress injuries by combining a sit stand desk with other ergonomic office products.


Improve Your PostureWhat’s The Right Height for a Standing Computer Desk? Back Pain

When you use your computer in a standing position, you’re more likely to utilize proper posture naturally, by holding your head and neck straight while you look at your computer screen, keeping your shoulders square and level, and keeping your feet flat on the floor and your knees relaxed. 


Stretch Muscles

Standing up while working gives you a chance to stretch your muscles and take the pressure off your mid and lower back muscles. This can lower the chance of your muscles becoming stiff and tight, thus reducing your risk of lower back pain and back spasms.


Improve Circulation

Sitting for long periods of time decreases blood flow to key areas of the body and can put you at a higher risk of blood clots, leg cramps, and varicose veins. You can improve your circulation by switching from sitting to standing periodically throughout the day using a sit-stand desk.

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