Increase Work Productivity with a Standing Desk!

Boosting Workplace Productivity with a Standing Desk Standing desks have increased in popularity in recent years. The ability to stand while working proves to offer many health benefits. However, did you know it could also improve your mood and boost productivity? Research has found that being able to stand at your desk or alternate between […]


Gone are the days of being forced to sit all day while working on a computer. Now, there is a better alternative: to buy a standing desk! Adjustable standing desks and other height adjustable workstations are fast becoming a popular way to work and for good reason. There are many stand up desk benefits compared to […]

Can your company’s productivity be improved?

Do your workers spend long hours in a computer workstation. you like to increase company productivity at your workplace? Sitting at a computer workstation for extended periods of time during the work day can lead to:   Lost productivity, Health problems related to repetitive stress injuries, Down time, Increased employee turnover, Absenteeism, Increased insurance and/or […]