Gone are the days of being forced to sit all day while working on a computer. Now, there is a better alternative: to buy a standing desk! Adjustable standing desks and other height adjustable workstations are fast becoming a popular way to work and for good reason. There are many stand up desk benefits compared to your current static desk:


1.       Energy. When a computer worker sits all day in even the best ergonomic office chair, they are bound to become lethargic. When this happens there is no need to turn to unnatural stimulants such as coffee or energy drinks that are loaded with caffeine. A stand up computer stand will end that middle of the day tired feeling and leave the user feeling more energetic and less likely to want to take a nap!

2.       Health. We are learning more information almost daily about how using a standing up desk benefits your health. Sitting for 6+ hours each day makes you 40% more likely to die early of conditions such as heart disease or diabetes than someone who sits less than 3 hours per day, even if you exercise regularly! Standing more throughout the day is the obvious answer. There are plenty of standing up desk benefits. Standing will increase energy, burn calories, tone muscles, improve posture, increase blood flow and keep your metabolism running all day!

3.       Productivity. Sitting at a computer workstation for extended periods of time during the workday can lead to lost productivity, down time, increased employee turnover, low morale and absenteeism. A stand up computer stand can reduce these risks and provide employers and employees the benefit of increased productivity. Also, workers who are already standing are twice as likely to walk over to a co-worker and talk to them directly instead of sending an email.

4.       Decrease Worker compensation claims. For every dollar a company spends on  WMSD’s they will spend three to five times that on indirect costs such as productivity loss, rehiring, retention and overtime. Prolonged sitting at your computer workstation can cause carpel tunnel, lower back issues, blood clots and other injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. If employers buy standing desks, it will help to decrease these odds.

5.       Back Pain Relief. Many people who work at computers have such bad back pain that sitting all day in a static position is not an option. Varying your positions throughout the day from sitting to standing can often be the best way to provide comfort and improve posture.


These are only a few of the work and health benefits of standing!


Visit today and see what stand up desk benefits can do for you and your healthy lifestyle! Buy a standing desk today!