How to Sell Your Customers on Sit-Stand Chairs

If your customers are used to seeing traditional desk chairs at your furniture store or outlet, they may be taken aback by a new selection of sit-stand chairs and standing desks. These options are relatively new and may not seem like viable options to the working professional. However, sit-stand chairs like the HealthPostures Stance Angle […]

Enhance Your Business with Digital Signage

Every business relies on advertising and marketing materials to get the word out about their products and generate revenue. But in our technologically advanced world, paper banners and printed posters can appear lackluster alongside brightly glowing screens and monitors. That’s why HealthPostures offers the latest ATDEC modular monitor mounts to enhance your business with digital […]

Easy Stretches to Do at Your Height Adjustable Desk

If you’ve invested in a height-adjustable desk like the HealthPostures Stance Angle Chair, you already know how much better an ergonomic workspace can make you feel. Enhance your well-being even further by trying a few of these simple stretches during your workday.    Shoulder Rolls After a few hours of hunching over a computer, you […]

Features to Include in Your Ergonomic Workspace

After making the switch to a height-adjustable standing or sit-stand desk, you’re probably already noticing the positive impact on your physical health. Try adding some of these features to expand on the advantages provided by your standing desk and ergonomic workspace.    Enhance your Ergonomic Workspace   A Correctly Positioned Desk Your desk should be […]

What’s The Right Height for a Standing Computer Desk?

You’ve heard about the advantages of a standing computer desk: the decreased risk of heart disease, the increase in energy, and even the reduction of back and neck pain. However, improperly setting up your standing computer desk can diminish all the health benefits normally associated with it. By making sure your standing computer desk is […]

Introducing Monitor Mounting Solutions available from HealthPostures

HealthPostures has already revolutionized your workday with its innovative Stance Angle Chair and other varieties of standing computer desks. But what about your computer screen? Tilting your neck down to stare at a computer screen all day can cause excess neck pain and shoulder tension. Even the height of a desktop computer can be tricky […]

Are Adjustable Height Desks Worth the Investment?

You’ve read about the numerous health advantages of standing desks, and you’re wondering if your employees would benefit from an upgrade. However, you’re reluctant to purchase a new set of desks for your entire office. While standing desks could prove to be beneficial down the road, they could also turn out to be a costly […]

Standing Desks vs. Treadmill Desks

Decided to ditch your traditional office set-up? You’re not alone. As awareness of physical conditions related to sedentary lifestyles increases, more Americans are choosing to add physical activity to their day via a standing or treadmill desk. While either option can provide health benefits, there are several factors to consider when choosing the right desk […]

Choosing the Right Keyboard for Your Ergonomic Desk Setup

Purchasing a standing desk is one way to improve the ergonomics of your workplace. However, an ergonomic desk setup also requires attention to smaller details, including your keyboard. You may need to purchase a new keyboard to get just the right positioning for your posture. As you shop for different options to pair with your […]

The First Timer’s Guide to Standing Desks

While many workplaces have been sold on the benefits of standing desks, you may have yet to discover the perks of a standing desk setup for yourself. If you’re interested in making the conversion to a standing desk, it may be easier than you think. With HealthPostures’ Clever Electric Lift Legs, you can convert any […]

Office Furniture Trend Spotlight: Electronic Standing Desks

Standing desks have become a fixture in modern offices. As more working professionals are informed about the benefits of standing instead of sitting, the standing desk has been embraced as an essential piece of office furniture. In fact, many notable CEOs, entrepreneurs, and celebrities attribute some portion of their success to standing at work. However, […]

Exploring the Universal Appeal of Sit-Stand Seating Solutions

Over the years, it’s become increasingly clear that the wrong office furniture can lead to a wide range of health concerns, including back pain, eye strain, and even poor sleep. Not only do these issues increase the likelihood of workers’ compensation claims for employers, but they also have a strong impact on productivity. So, office […]