Features to Include in Your Ergonomic Workspace

After making the switch to a height-adjustable standing or sit-stand desk, you’re probably already noticing the positive impact on your physical health. Try adding some of these features to expand on the advantages provided by your standing desk and ergonomic workspace. 


Enhance your Ergonomic Workspace


A Correctly Positioned Desk

Features to Include in Your Ergonomic WorkspaceYour desk should be positioned at the proper height for you to use your keyboard. That height will change depending on your size, but your arms should generally be parallel to the ground when using your keyboard. If you’re finding that you need to keep switching heights throughout the day to accommodate different tasks, try investing in a height-adjustable desk or computer monitor. 

Proper Lighting

The right lighting can have a huge impact on your workday. Lighting that is either too bright or too dim can cause eye strain and tension headaches. Natural light is ideal, so try to work in a space with plenty of windows. If that isn’t possible for you, investigate your lighting options to find a lamp that provides enough light without making you squint. 

Split Keyboard

The best position for your arms to be in while typing is shoulder-width apart. However, most keyboards are too narrow to accommodate such a set-up. A split keyboard allows you to spread out each half and keep your hands at shoulder width. While it takes some getting used to, you will soon begin to see the physical benefits. If you’re hesitant to make such a dramatic change, opt for a keyboard that tilts forward, which keeps your hands in a neutral position and reduces the stress on your wrists. 

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