The First Timer’s Guide to Standing Desks

While many workplaces have been sold on the benefits of standing desks, you may have yet to discover the perks of a standing desk setup for yourself. If you’re interested in making the conversion to a standing desk, it may be easier than you think. With HealthPostures’ Clever Electric Lift Legs, you can convert any existing desktop into a standing desk. Even better, you can automatically adjust your desk height to move between sitting and standing throughout the day. Continue reading for a closer look at the basics of standing desks that first-time users should know. Here is a First Timer’s Guide to Standing Desks!

first timers guide to standing desks


Any desk can become a standing desk.

You might think of a standing desk as a big investment. However, you can simply replace the static legs on any existing desk with electric lift legs for an adjustable height desk that already features your desired layout.


Standing desks can adjust to various heights.

A common misconception with standing desks is that it’s necessary to stand throughout the day. However, most users will adjust the positioning throughout the day to move from sitting to standing. With a sit-stand chair that allows you to move into a sitting, standing, or kneeling position, you can ensure that you don’t experience any undue strain with a standing desk setup.


You may get a letter of medical necessity to help acquire a standing desk at work.

Some workplaces are happy to provide ergonomic office furniture upgrades, but if you’re getting pushback from your organization, you might consider writing a letter of medical necessity with help from a doctor, physical therapist, or occupational therapist. This is essentially a doctor’s note that advocates for your need to have a standing desk, adjustable height chair, or both in your workplace.


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We hope that this Firs-Timers Guide to Standing Desks gets you started in the right direction. If you want to discover the benefits of standing at work for yourself, HealthPostures offers comfortable, ergonomic office furniture solutions that are made right here in the USA. We also offer resources for getting a letter of medical necessity for a standing angle chair and adjustable height desk. Contact us online or call 800-277-1841 for more information.