What’s The Right Height for a Standing Computer Desk?

You’ve heard about the advantages of a standing computer desk: the decreased risk of heart disease, the increase in energy, and even the reduction of back and neck pain. However, improperly setting up your standing computer desk can diminish all the health benefits normally associated with it. By making sure your standing computer desk is set up correctly, you can fully take advantage of its physical benefits.

Finding the Right Height for a Standing Computer Desk


What to Avoid

What’s The Right Height for a Standing Computer Desk?How do you determine the right height for your standing computer desk? First, it’s helpful to figure out what you want to avoid. The main culprits for aches and pains are poor posture. Peering down for 8 hours a day can cause neck pain and shoulder tension while slouching and stooping can lead to spinal misalignments, back pain, and sciatica (you can even hear why this chiropractor recommends standing desks here). The ideal position for your standing computer desk will allow you to look directly ahead at your computer screen while maintaining a straight and proper posture.

Custom Set-Up

To avoid neck, shoulder, and back pain, you should position your standing desk at elbow height, wherever that is for you. When you’re typing on your computer, your elbows should be at a 90 degree angle and parallel to the floor. It is also helpful to tilt your computer screen up, so that you don’t have to look down so much and put excess pressure on your spine. With these small adjustments to your standing computer desk, you will experience the amazing benefits of increased physical activity.

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