Introducing Monitor Mounting Solutions available from HealthPostures

HealthPostures has already revolutionized your workday with its innovative Stance Angle Chair and other varieties of standing computer desks. But what about your computer screen? Tilting your neck down to stare at a computer screen all day can cause excess neck pain and shoulder tension. Even the height of a desktop computer can be tricky to adjust, and it’s typically impossible to adjust the tilt angle. But now, with all new monitor mounting solutions available through HealthPostures, you can continue to work pain-free.

Benefits of Monitor Mounting Solutions

Neck and shoulder pain are extremely common, especially among workers with desk jobs. This discomfort can make it hard to be productive and enjoy your day. With all-new monitor mounting solutions from HealthPostures, you can customize your workstation with ergonomics in mind. By setting your computer at the proper height, you can avoid the tension and pain that usually accompanies desk or remote work.

Models and VarietiesAtdec Monitor Mounting Solutions by HealthPostures

There are several types of TV and monitor mounting solutions. By choosing the right fit for you and your workspace, you can stop worrying about your neck and shoulders and focus on your work.

  • Interactive: These modular mounts are spring-assisted desk devices that can easily be adjusted to accommodate multi-user environments and height-adjustable desks.
  • Set & Forget: These models are ideal for single-user desks that are not frequently adjusted. Modular variations can be upgraded to hold up to 6 monitor displays, while freestanding mounts are able to be placed on a desk without having to secure it to the surface. More of a laptop user? HealthPostures also offers a mount that can support your MacBook or PC alongside a traditional desktop monitor.

With brand new Atdec monitor mounting solutions available through HealthPostures, you have the power to customize your workspace. For more information on monitor mounts and our wide selection of sit-stand solutions, call 1-800-277-1841 or send us a message here.  Watch our website and social media profiles in the coming weeks for more information!