Choosing the Right Keyboard for Your Ergonomic Desk Setup

Purchasing a standing desk is one way to improve the ergonomics of your workplace. However, an ergonomic desk setup also requires attention to smaller details, including your keyboard. You may need to purchase a new keyboard to get just the right positioning for your posture. As you shop for different options to pair with your new standing desk, consider the following keyboard tips.

Select your ideal keyboard layout.

ergonomic keyboard setupYou may choose to upgrade to an ergonomic keyboard, which will split the keyboard layout in half, so you can keep your wrists farther apart. This is a more neutral posture that won’t put as much strain on the wrists. It can take some time to get used to this type of keyboard, but once you adjust, you will notice a big difference for your arms, wrists, and upper back. If you do select a traditional keyboard, be sure to center it so that the letter B aligns with your naval. In addition, your elbows should rest at your side when you type. If they’re extended forward or behind you, you should adjust the keyboard distance to let your elbows sit comfortably at your side.

Set your keyboard flat or at a negative angle.

It may feel counterintuitive, but it’s better to angle your keyboard with a negative tilt away from your body or flat on the desk. Tilting your keyboard towards you can cause you to type with flexed wrists, which increases the strain on your wrist joints. If you choose a split keyboard layout, you can keep it flat or tilt both sides in a tent position, so each side is highest at the center—this position will also prevent unnecessary flexing of the wrists.

Upgrade to mechanical keys.

One small detail that can further improve your ergonomic desk setup is mechanical keys in your keyboard. This style of key is more durable and offers better feedback than membrane keys, which can feel sticky under your fingers. It may also be easier to adjust to a split keyboard layout with the added feedback of mechanical keys.

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