Tips for Improving Your Comfort at Your New Standing Desk

Your standing desk helps you to stay active, burn more calories, and enjoy a higher level of overall wellness. But if you’re not used to using a standing desk, you may be dealing with some discomfort throughout your workday. Try these tips from HealthPostures to improve your comfort at your new standing desk and be more productive at work. 

Use a Floor Matstanding desk FAQ desktop converter

Standing on a hard surface like tile or concrete all day can make you feel sore or achy. Try using an ergonomic floor mat like the HealthPostures 6000 Comfort Mat. This mat will help you maintain an ideal position for longer periods of time, reduce soreness, promote better circulation, and prevent slips or falls. 

Customize Your Desk

If you’re using a standing desk that is too tall or short for you, it’s only natural that you’ll begin to feel sore. Make sure that your standing desk is positioned at the right height for you. Your arms should be positioned parallel to the ground while typing, and you should be able to look directly ahead at your computer screen. You may need a monitor mount on your standing desk to achieve the right setup. 


If you’ve been in one position for a while, your muscles may start to feel cramped. Try to change positions frequently or try some stretches at your desk. Stretching your neck, shoulders, and back can work wonders for your overall comfort. It may also help to go for a short walk to get the blood flowing again. 

Learn More About Standing Desks Today

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