3 Health Initiatives to Implement in Your Office Alongside Standing Computer Desk Conversion

Standing computer desks are an excellent investment in your employees’ health and wellbeing. These kinds of desks protect your employees’ long-term health by reducing the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other chronic conditions that come with prolonged sitting. They will also improve your team’s mood and boost workplace productivity. In fact, investing in your employees’ health is a great way to keep morale and productivity high. If you’ve already added standing computer desk conversion to your workplace health initiatives, here are some other ideas you may want to consider.


Healthy Meal and Snack Program

Offices tend to have vending machines and breakrooms that are stocked with snacks that do little to boost employee health. Get rid of the donuts, croissants, and sodas, and replace them with healthier options, like cut veggies, fruit, low-fat cheese, and wholegrain crackers. Consider also implementing a weekly healthy lunch for the office. Your employees with love healthy snack perks.


Employee Assistance Programs

You may have employees who are struggling with issues like depression, anxiety, excessive stress, and addiction who aren’t sure where to turn for support. Consider instituting a confidential employee assistance program that provides resources and financial support to help employees get access to treatments for these issues. Offering financial assistance for everything from acupuncture and massage to addiction treatment can result in more content and productive employees.

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On-Site Yoga Classes

Yoga is an excellent workout and stress reliever that can easily fit into the workday. Employees might find it impossible to go for a jog and return to their desks, but on-site yoga provides a chance to recharge and get fit without excessive disruption to the workday. Consider bringing in an instructor once or twice a week and incentivizing employees to attend sessions. Yoga can really improve your corporate culture.


Productive workplaces start with healthy employees. At HealthPostures, we can be a major part of your employee wellness focus by assisting with standing computer desk converters and ergonomic sit-stand chairs for your office. Learn more about our selection of products and how they can help your team by calling 1-800-277-1841 or contact us here.