5 Tips for Improving Workplace Health

If you are like most people you spend at least one third of your weekday at work. Because we all spend so much time in this one place, workplace health is something you should be concerned about. Safety at work is also very important to full time workers but with OSHA regulations and insurance company demands, safety in the workplace is something that most companies have a good handle on. Workplace health however is something that most employers and employees for that matter give little thought to. Here are 5 healthy tips for work to help you better manage your health.

Manage stress levels carefully.  If you feel stressed, try to identify the cause of the stress immediately. Once you identify what is stressing you, it is important that you do something about it. What can you do? Take control of the situation, the biggest reason some people feel stress is because they feel they have no control over situations in their life. Stop that cycle and take control! Another good stress relief technique is to stay active, most stress related symptoms can be relieved with a bit of daily exercise.

Avoid back pain at work. Most people working in an office setting for extended periods of time will experience back pain at some time in their career. To combat this, don’t skimp on office seating. You will be spending a good deal of time in the seating you choose so make sure that it is high quality and fits YOU comfortably. Better yet, get a seating option that allows you to sit, kneel or stand while being supported like the Stance Move from HealthPostures.

Lift safely, one out of every 5 work related injury or illness is a back injury. The number one way to prevent back injury in the workplace is to get help when needed, don’t try to be a hero. It also never hurts to do a few basic stretching exercises before lifting anything heavy to warm up your muscles and keep your body loose.

Exercise regularly. Aside from the obvious health benefits of a regular daily exercise routine, there are several side benefits to improving workplace health that include easing stress and anxiety, lifting your overall mood, sharpening brainpower, improving self-esteem and boosting energy levels.

Don’t sit all day, move! One of the biggest threats to workplace health while working in an office is the sedentary lifestyle that is so common in that style of working. The best way to combat these ill effects is to get up and move and then stay in motion. Not every workspace is built for motion while working but there are products available to help you turn your static workstation into a healthy one.  HealthPostures designs and sells products to transform almost any existing work environment into a healthy, productive work space in minutes, so there is no longer any excuse for sitting in a static work environment all day. Move, your workplace health depends on it!