HealthPostures Partners with Atlas IPS to Improve Office Workers’ Comfort and Productivity

HealthPostures, a sit-to-stand solution provider since 1998, has partnered with Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions (Atlas IPS) to help improve the comfort and productivity of their product users. The collaboration combines the benefits of a sit-to-stand work configuration, free web-based ergonomics training, and the option for additional support through telephonic or onsite assessments and training.

Today’s work force is spending more time working at a desk with a computer, and multiple research studies have discussed the benefits of sit-to-stand office products. These studies have shown how users can improve comfort and productivity by moving without leaving their desks or work responsibilities. Other benefits include reducing poor circulation, weight gain, blood sugar levels, and other health issues from prolonged sedentary time. Sit-to-stand desks provide an opportunity for each person to address his or her own needs and health goals.

sit-stand deskOther studies, including one completed by Atlas IPS in January 2018 on over 26,000 office employees have discussed the value of ergonomics education.  In the January 2018 study it was reported products alone reduce discomfort by an average of 11% whereas products combined with effective education reduces discomfort by an average of 51%

Users of HealthPostures products will be given free access to Atlas’ software to receive general ergonomics training and complete a survey that will drive individual office ergonomics recommendations.  If an employee has a higher level of discomfort or concern, their employer will have the option to order a telephonic or onsite assessment and training supported by Atlas’ nationwide network of professionals.

By combining their sit-to-stand office products with Atlas’ software and services, HealthPostures will offer a complete comfort and productivity solution for US office workers.

Finally, HealthPostures will use its relationship with Atlas IPS to improve the way in which it develops and improves products.  Data acquired through the process will help HealthPostures better understand the office workers using their products including demographics, task makeup, office configuration, and the challenges to remaining comfortable and productive.

Scott McDonald, marketing and sales manager for HealthPostures said “Atlas IPS is an industry leader and supports the needs of over one million office workers. By partnering with Atlas, HealthPostures can help the users of our American made sit-to-stand products create a healthier and more productive work environment.”

Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions, LLC
Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions (IPS) is a leading injury prevention and management service and technology provider, helping customers reduce the spiraling costs of injuries within industrial, office, distribution, transportation, and healthcare environments.  Atlas guides clients to financially evaluate and define the appropriate strategy, and offers services that are uniquely simple, measurable, and cost effective. Atlas IPS provides turnkey support through the nation’s largest network of ergonomic service providers or can assist corporate resources with the necessary training and technology. Atlas IPS is located in Grand Haven, Michigan, and additional information can be found at

 About HealthPostures, LLC
HealthPostures, LLC has been focused on designing and manufacturing sit-stand solutions since 1998.  Our bodies were made to move. When you have a sedentary lifestyle you are putting yourself at risk for health problems. We strive to provide quality products that will help transform your sedentary life so you have a healthy way to work. By using our sit-to-stand products you will feel energized and productive throughout your work day. Our goal is to help keep you healthy at work, so you can go home and have the energy to do the things you enjoy. HealthPostures is located in Prior Lake, Minnesota, and additional information can be found at