Building a WorkStation for Comfort and Health

R42A0183-RWhat is a complete workstation comprised of? Comfort, health, and productivity should be your main focus.

Making the decision to build a workstation that will accommodate your needs and incorporate a standing desk is something you’ll be able to benefit from for years to come. Having the ability to stand while working is a healthy choice and offers countless advantages.

Once you’ve selected your standing desk, no workstation is complete without a chair. Take the time to evaluate a chair that will work with your new desk. While standing is great, your body needs time to sit and give your muscles a chance to rest. The design of HealthPostures ergonomic desks and chairs allows for multiple sit to stand positions throughout the day. Learn more about the Stance Angle chair, designed to work in tandem with any of the HealthPostures moveable desks.

Many people make the mistake of purchasing a “standing only” desk, ignoring the body’s need for multiple positions while working. When building a complete workstation, you’ll want to add a standing pad, also called a fatigue mat.

6000_healthpostures3157afWhile not a permanent part of your workstation, pay attention to your footwear and make sure you have comfortable shoes while standing. Other healthy recommendations include evaluating your lighting, glare, and reflection. Computer screens and optical lenses can be customized to cut down glare and protect your eyes. The use of a telephone headset to avoid cradling a phone between your head and shoulder is also something to consider for the optimum comfort and health of your workstation.

The Mayo Clinic has some helpful tips on office ergonomics.

Our staff at HealthPostures is experienced in answering questions about the ergonomic health of our products and how you can maximize the value of their design in your workstation. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.