Common Questions About Standing Desks

common questions about standing desks

Tired of the way you feel sitting at your desk for long periods of time?

As you explore your options for getting rid of that “slumped at your desk” feeling, you may have some questions. Here are some common questions people have about what is often referred to as “standing desks”.


If I buy a standing desk, do I have to stand all of the time? Standing desk is a general term, and not all desks that allow you to stand are created equal or focused on ergonomics. The sit/stand desks manufactured by HealthPostures are made to adjust to your needs. All sitting or all standing isn’t a good thing.Whether you choose to sit or stand while at your desk, your body needs variation and movement to be healthy. That’s why the TaskMate sit to stand ergonomic adjustable desks are a great option for those exploring options in desks that allow you to move.


Is it really beneficial to stand while at my desk? Yes! There are many proven health benefits, as well as work productivity and happiness. Read more on our “Why Stand” page about the benefits of standing at your desk and what some of our customer have to say after purchasing our sit to stand workstations.


What else do I need to buy if I switch to an adjustable desk? It’s recommended that you wear comfortable shoes while standing and consider buying a standing mat, also called an anti-fatigue mat. You don’t need to buy a different chair, but HealthPostures does offer options for ergonomic sit/stand chairs that allow more movement and adjustable seating.


Is it time consuming to transition the desk up or down? The TaskMate moves independent of your desk and within a matter of seconds can be moved to your desired height. For a great example and see how simple the transition is, watch the 6200 TaskMate Journey move up and down.


Have questions about warranties, shipping, and payments? Visit our FAQ’s section for more commonly asked questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!