Dynamic Variation for Modern Office

Chance to feel more connected to organizational leaders and colleagues are just one of the reasons to get a standing desk. Motion seating products like the Stance Angle Chair are also gaining in popularity because their design offers more open work space.  More work space equals less clutter.


Experts as well as people who regularly practice mindfulness share benefits associated with de-cluttering, letting go of unused furniture and changing furniture layouts. A key point that these experts share is that the less cluttered a space is, the more easily thoughts, ideas and creativity may flow. These unhindered ideas lead to innovation and improved productivity.


Motion Ergonomics

While designing a living or workspace, William Morris advises, “Have nothing in your house [office] that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Lack of clutter saves workers the time of searching for items that are hidden beneath a stack of papers or hidden inside a jammed file folder.


Open plan office designs that rely on motion ergonomics may also be less costly to develop. For example, HealthposturesStance Angle Chair is sleeker than traditional office chairs. The Stance Angle Chair backrest contours to offer a custom fit.


Frame of the chair is a sturdy steel. Swivel casters are easy to move. Of all the motion seating products the Stance Angle Chair is an office furniture piece that has a double trigger system, making it easy to transition from sitting to standing.


Trendy open floor plans

Organizational leaders and real estate specialists appreciate the chairs sleek design because it makes it easier to implement an office open floor plan. To achieve an open floor plan, desk and chairs need to allow more people to fit inside less floor space.


These desks and chairs are often laid out in front of long, stylish work tables. Goal of this trendy office design is encourage more open communication between colleagues. More teamwork is another takeaway associated with an open floor plan.


Introverted personalities may start communicating with colleagues more if they work in an open floor plan office space. Over time, this could cause friendships to form. When this happens, colleagues may offer to help each other complete difficult projects. It could also find colleagues at all levels doing a lot more than working all day in silos or isolation only to leave at the end of the day and travel home without doing any more than waving “good night” to everyone remaining in the office. But, there may also health benefits associated with introducing retail ergonomics into an office space.


Reasons to get a standing desk

Healthpostures standing desk and motion seating ergonomics are being put to use when designing an open floor plan because the furniture can increase worker mobility. Not only do workers have to leave their desks to get files out of a central filing system, they get to stand for an hour or more each day while they work at a standing desk.


In an age when health insurance costs are skyrocketing, Healthposturesergonomics may empower professionals with increased opportunities to consistently make sound health decisions. In addition to less clutter, open communication, more workspace and improved worker mobility, other reasons to get a standing desk include less musculoskeletal pain, fewer headaches and better flexibility.




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