Easy Adjustable TaskMate Standing Desk Features

The word is out. Sitting all day can be hazardous to your health. Like many adults, you may want to move more, especially while you’re at work. So, why don’t you have a Healthpostures standing desk yet? If you’re like many adults, it might not be a jam packed work schedule that’s stopping you from getting or using a stance angle chair, TaskMate desk or another standing desk.



Key TaskMate adjustable standing desk parts

You can adjust these desks by pushing a button or moving a lever. For example, Healthpostures‘ single monitor TaskMate Go is designed with a lever just below the top desk. Use this lever to raise or lower your monitor. Two additional easy-to-navigate levers are located at the back of the first standing desk table.


Items that these adjustable standing desk parts raise and lower include computer keyboards, office supplies, transcribing materials and the computer mouse. It’s this additional table that distinguishes Healthpostures standing desks from other sit to stand solutions.


Getting to more adjustable standing desks

If you’re looking for even more adjustable ergonomics options, consider the Stance Angle Chair. The 5100 Stance Angle Chair comes with arms. Healthpostures’ 5000 and 5050 stance move sit to stand chairs are armless. These stance angle chairs support your back, hips, knees and waist as you transition from sitting to standing.


You truly control the adjustable range with the Stance Angle Chair. Turn the back of the chair completely flat and you’ll sit on a traditional padded surface. Feel free to rest your feet on the foot supports while you work. Use your body weight to adjust the Stance Angle Chair, lifting the seat upward and you can stand straight.


Adjustable standing desks perfect marriage for high functioning work spaces

It’s this type of adjustability that may become the norm only a few years from now. Why? More organizations, including Fortune 100 corporations, are moving to high functioning work space designs. These designs are intended to improve team morale, increase colleague communications and encourage workers at all levels to focus on assignments instead of titles.


Instead of being assigned a cubicle or office, workers arrive to the office and use seats and desks that are open. Fortunately, Healthpostures has been designing sit to stand solutions like the TaskMate desks and Stance Angle Chair for more than two decades. Additionally, as it regards high functioning work spaces, the TaskMate uses a small amount of space.


One and two monitor TaskMate ergonomics are actually clamped onto a desk top. These products take up less than half the space on a traditional cubicle desk. In addition to more adjustability, smart ergonomics help workers to burn calories and lose weight. Although you may not lose a lot of weight after you get a standing desk, you could lose 5 to 20 pounds in a year.