Ergonomic Solutions in the Workplace

Ergonomics is a topic of concern in many workplaces whether it is an office, school, manufacturing or healthcare facility.
What is ergonomics? According to the International Ergonomics Association:standing chair 5100

“Ergonomics is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system.”

Often ergonomics is discussed in relation to work environments because people do repetitive tasks and are in one location for extended periods of time. What are some solutions for ergonomics in the workplace?

Depending on the workspace and tasks that are being completed different workspace ergonomics solutions may be needed. Products such as ergonomic desk accessoriesstanding desks, adjustable chairs, pedal exercisers, wrist supports and many other products can help fit the workspace to the person. People required to be on their feet often may need anti-fatigue floor mats while people that are required to sit may gravitate towards an adjustable chair. A sit stand desk offers flexibility in a variety of positions for employees doing frequent computer work.

Allowing employees to be comfortable in their work space increases productivity, limits muscle soreness, improves posture and fatigue and reduces work-related injuries. The proper work space ergonomics products set to fit each individual aids in allowing free movement and proper posture. This can be extremely helpful for people completing repetitive actions such as bending, typing, lifting heavy items and reaching. Completing actions like this repeatedly or remaining in static positions such as standing on a concrete floor or sitting in front of a computer can deteriorate the body, cause soreness and fatigue. Each person is unique and needs equipment and working conditions to suit their body and work style.

How many solutions can you find for ergonomics in the workplace? You might be surprised at the different equipment people use to adjust their space to make it comfortable and productive for them.