Fight the Afternoon Work Slump

fight afternoon slumpThe word slump can refer to poor posture. It’s also slang, meaning encountering a lack of energy or ambition to get things done. Improving work productivity is important in all lines of work, and when a feeling of an afternoon “slump” hits, it’s essential to have tools to get back on track and boost your energy at work.

HealthPostures sit stand desks are a solution for both healthy posture and movement throughout your day that will help you fight the afternoon work slump!

Ideas to re-energize and feel good all afternoon

Check out the sit stand desks we offer as a solution for health posture and movement throughout your day that will help you fight the afternoon slump and improve work productivity.


Don’t skip breakfast: Many statistics show that less than half Americans take time to eat breakfast every day. Many people from other countries can’t understand why people in the US don’t give breakfast enough priority. Not only does eating breakfast boost your metabolism, it gives you the energy and nutrition you need. The Mayo Clinic and Statistic Brain weigh-in on eating breakfast.

Move to stand/change your position: Changing your position and moving throughout the day is the best way to fight fatigue at your desk. If you are sitting, move to a standing position. If you are already standing, try a short walk around your office.

Air temp: If you’re feeling sleepy, take a minute to consider the temperature of your office area. Is it too warm? Are you over-dressed? Sometimes taking off a sweater or having a small fan by your desk is all it takes to perk up (or in this case lower) the temp. If you have the ability to open a window or adjust the thermostat, do that. If not, communicate with your team to see if others are feeling it a bit too warm and stuffy and are amicable to a thermostat change.

Take a walk: Taking a walk is a great way to reenergize. If you have the time and ability to get outside, the fresh air will be very helpful.

Stretch: If you don’t have time to take a walk, stand and stretch. Do a couple simple yoga poses. Take some deep breaths.

Readjust your posture: Adjust how you are sitting or holding the posture of your back, arm, legs. Adjust for better posture and/or a different stance. Bodies aren’t made to be static for hours on end.

Drink water: Many people mistake being tired for needing water. Drink water throughout your day to stay hydrated, but be sure to drink an extra glass when you are feeling tired.

Change tasks: Using different muscles and different parts of your brain is important. When you change tasks you get a fresh perspective.

Eat a healthy snack: The fatigue you feel might be real. Try eating a small snack, and choose protein instead of carbs for longer-lasting energy.  Avoid too much sugar or caffeine to recharge, instead choose a minimal amount, chew gum, make a cup of tea, etc.

Check Your Lighting: Sitting in too dark of room can make some people drowsier. Many people report feeling the effects of artificial lighting or too bright of overhead fluorescent lights. Adjust the lights, look out the window. If you don’t have a window, walk to one for a few minutes. Sniff citrus or essential oils- don’t rule out aromatherapy

Move: Personally visit with a co-worker (walk over there) instead of messaging or emailing from across the office.

Tidy Up: Clean your desk or organize a mess that is bugging you so you clear your concentration.

Schedule Smart: Rearrange or pre-plan your day so that you connect with people at regular intervals through the day, rather than spending all afternoon alone at your desk.

Goals: Set an after-work goal or something to look forward to that will motivate you until the end of the day.

Lunch: Many people feel a slump in the afternoon after overeating or eating too heavy/rich of a lunch. Try eating a lighter lunch.

Do Something You Love: Change your tasks if you can, so you get pumped up about a task you enjoy working on when you’re feeling a bit in a slump, and come back to what is feeling tedious at a later time. Another strategy is to switch to tasks that need less concentration. Find something you’ve been putting off such as filing, paper shredding, copying, etc and tackle that.

Music: Turn on music or put earphones in if music would be disrupting to others.

Sleep: Are you getting enough sleep at night? Many adults don’t get enough quality sleep. Go to bed earlier tonight and you might get through tomorrow easily.

Give a few of these ideas a try. You’ll be amazed at the difference they can make to boosting your energy at work. If you have an idea you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you on our Facebook page.