Great Portable Sit Stand Solutions

Work places are under revolution. Portable sit stands and dual monitor stands and mounts are front and center of the revolution. Design is also playing a major role in wide sweeping work place changes. But, what’s behind the revolution?


It’s time employers respected worker fitness goals

Desire to achieve more employee engagement, the goal to develop more environmentally friendly work spaces and shifts in tradition are behind the revolution. Another aspiration behind the revolution is an increasing focus on the chance to work at different locations and personal fitness.


Employees and contractors are driving the latter change. Focus on personal fitness, including physical, emotional, mental and financial fitness, is causing workers to take more responsibility for their overall health.


To improve their overall health, workers are hitting the gym before they head for the office. They are also exercising during their lunch break or running, walking or riding a bike after their work day ends. Yet, traditional work environments don’t support ongoing fitness. Traditional work environments also don’t support portability.


Sit stands help workers say good-bye to a sedentary lifestyle

Instead, traditional work environments encourage sitting which lends itself to a sedentary lifestyle. Studies continue to show that a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to weight gain, obesity, heart disease and joint or muscle pain.


What didn’t need more study was the damages that sitting in front of a computer typing for hours a day can do to the carpel tunnel or the wrist, the back and the neck. After sitting for hours, people have also stood from their desks with stiff and achy hips.


To rid themselves of these nuisances, some workers are buying and installing their own sit stands at work. Why?


Increased mobility is just one of the benefits of sit stand desks. Portable sit stand solutions support telecommuting easily. Instead of sitting for eight to nine hours a day, while using a standing desk workstation, employees can start and finish projects while standing. With the push of a button or by simply pushing down on a desk for standing, employees can also transition from standing to sitting and vice versa.


Easy ways to be more physically active while using sit stands at work

Great portable sit stand solutions include the 6100 TaskMate Executive, the 6200 TaskMate 6200 and the 6352 dual monitor TaskMate Go. To motivate employees to become even more active at work, manufacturers of an adjustable height stand up desk may start including tips on steps that workers can take to increase the benefits of their sit stand desks even more.


To become even more physically active while using sit stands, workers could walk away from their sit to stand desk once at hour. While they are away from their sit to stand desk, they could climb a flight of stairs or walk a hallway. Other actions that workers could take include:


  • Taking hourly breaks and jogging in place for two to three minutes
  • Performing knee bends or knee lifts once an hour
  • Stretching to remain limber and physically balanced
  • Breathing deeply throughout the day
  • Lifting dumb bells once an hour


More mobility and the motivation to improve their personal fitness aren’t the only benefits of sit stand desks. The chance to avoid developing musculoskeletal disorders and migraine headaches are other benefits that can be gained from sit stands.


Stand up workstation desks manufacturers like HealthPostures offer free shipping on some ergonomic sit stands. Employers who are serious about staying in front of the work place revolution are installing sit to stand workstations. They are also offering their workers discounts on gym memberships and other fitness programs.