HealthPostures Heads to the Applied Ergonomics Conference

HealthPostures is headed to the 21st Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference, joining dozens of the world’s top firms that are advancing workplace ergonomics. Location for the conference is Atlanta, Georgia, a major Southern city that is home to many Fortune 500 companies. Hundreds of exhibitors, sponsors and attendees will fill the Hilton Atlanta from March 26 through 29.

For the past several years HealthPostures has invested in attending the annual event. Driving HealthPostures’ multi-year attendance is the goal to share the benefits of becoming more mobile at work with as many people as possible.


Educating employers, government agency leaders, healthcare professionals, call center managers and attendees from the industrial industry about the benefits of a sit stand workstation is just one of those mobility benefits that HealthPostures will offer at the conference. The firm’s representatives will also share specific ways that using products like a Taskmate Go and the Stance Angle Chair, TaskMate manual lift series standing desks and electric TaskMate electric and surface ergonomics support healthy posture.


Mobility tips that conference goers could gain include ways to exercise at a workstation and learning about the advantages of alternating between sitting and standing. Even more, attendees who want to learn about reasons to get a standing desk will have the rare opportunity to speak with HealthPostures’ representatives face-to-face.


In addition to learning firsthand about the benefits of a sit stand workstation, attendees who visit the HealthPostures booth can ask HealthPostures for healthy posture standing advice. They can learn about proper desk height and eye levels. They can also learn about proper computer monitor adjustment and height requirements. What to look for in a chair to gain maximum back and neck support are key questions that HealthPostures representatives are also ready to answer.


The importance of taking regular breaks at work and how a standing desk accessory like the TaskMate Go Dual monitor are more important workplace topics that attendees who visit the HealthPostures’ booth can get insight on. Maximum benefits of a sit stand workstation will be realized by attendees who try out HealthPostures custom designed ergonomics products like the TaskMate slide laptop, the TaskMate slide assisted lift standing desk and the TaskMate EZ computer stand.


Conference attendees will also get to see how quick and easy it is to install HealthPostures’ ergonomics products. Even HealthPostures’ heavy duty steel products can be assembled and ready for usage within minutes. Before walking away from the conference, attendees are encouraged to adjust the height on ergonomics work desk, single and dual monitor stands and surface ergonomics that support a healthy posture.


It is also important for attendees to see how strong and durable HealthPostures’ work surfaces are. Some of the firm’s work surfaces are installed in garages, industrial facilities and manufacturing plants, holding the weight of 50 plus pound products.


Facility tours, keynote speakers and networking events are part of the 21st Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference.