HealthPostures Introduces New Sit to Stand Ergonomic Products for 2013


The New Stance Move from HealthPostures

The new TaskMate Go from HealthPosturesHealthPostures introduces two new sit to stand ergonomic products for computer users that will re-energize the workplace.

Sitting all day at work can be exhausting and some work habits of computer users may drain energy and cause fatigue in the office.  The Stance Move™ and the TaskMate Go™ are two new sit-stand products from HealthPostures that can raise the energy level at work, and help avoid that afternoon lull.

A number of recent studies show that moving between a sitting and standing position has many benefits at work.  A study published by the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that sitting for long stretches, more than six hours a day, can make someone at least 18% more likely to die from diabetes, heart disease and obesity than those sitting less than three hours a day.  Standing allows your body to adjust and move easily flexing your muscles continuously. It also keeps your blood circulating well. All this keeps your blood sugar better regulated and keeps your blood pressure lower.   It stands to reason that moving throughout the day while staying on task is the ideal workplace solution.

HealthPostures introduces the new Stance Move™ as the only ergonomic, 3 position, ergonomic chairs on the market.  The new Move has innovative features in a sleeker, more compact footprint and will give the user the ability to achieve several healthy and energetic working positions.  Forward sloped sitting, kneeling and assisted standing are all healthy postures that provide any computer user with unparalleled well-being and energy in the workplace.  The Stance Move is most beneficial when used with any height adjustable desk or computer lift system.

HealthPostures is also unveiling the new TaskMate Go ™ as a high-quality sit to stand workstation that fits onto an existing desk and easily adjust the height of the computer monitor, keyboard and mouse pad.  The TaskMate Go™ will transform any surface into a personalized height adjustable computer workstation without costly office redesign and provides the computer user with flexibility and more energy for a healthier way to work.

“The combination of the TaskMate Go and the Stance Move will give anyone who works at a computer most of the day a variety of healthy ways to work while staying on task” said Jared Elliot with HealthPostures. “The Stance Move is the only piece of office furniture that will allow someone to go between a sitting, kneeling and supportive standing position within a couple of seconds.”

HealthPosture has been in the business of ergonomic sit to stand products for over 14 years with the first Stance Angle Chair launched in 1999.  The first TaskMate computer lift was introduced to the ergonomic community a few years later in 2003 making it the first desktop computer lift system of its kind sold on the market.

The new ergonomic sit stand products by HealthPostures offer many benefits for the health and energy levels in the workplace and will give computer users a reason to break free from the chains of sitting at a static desk. “Good ergonomics is good economics.  A healthier, happier staff will result in a more productive workforce” said Elliot. “HealthPostures has been providing quality sit-stand options for the work place for a long time and our new products will change how people work at their computers.”

About the Company: HealthPostures has specialized in sit to stand ergonomic products since 1999 with the Stance Angle Chair and TaskMate product lines.  HealthPostures’ sit to stand ergonomic products encourage an energetic work environment and will provide a sit to stand ergonomic solution that will help prevent and alleviate pain associated with sitting at work. HealthPostures is based in Prior Lake, MN and the lines of sit to stand ergonomic products are proudly made in the USA.