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Mobility is a key to improved health. Become more physically active with ergonomics like a Taskmate standing desk and you could enjoy greater physical flexibility, endurance, energy and vitality. You could also experience more mental clarity, less muscle strain and better engagement at work. That applies whether you work at home or outside your home.  As it regards mobility, the benefits abound.



Sit to stand desk benefits you may not want to ignore

Yet, nothing may challenge mobility more for modern adults than the traditional workday and the traditional work environment. Millions of workers put in eight or more hours a day in an environment that limits their mobility to a workspace that is smaller than 10 feet by 10 feet.


That doesn’t allow for a lot of mobility. It’s this lack of mobility at work that could contribute to the obesity epidemic. Muscular skeletal disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome, recurring headaches and neck and back pain have been associated with constant typing and sitting too long.


But, that’s not all. Limited mobility could make a person wish for nothing more than to be finished with the workday less than an hour after they sit down at their desk. Even more, it’s this lack of mobility that may be finding more workers turning to a HealthPostures Taskmate Go sit stand desk.


Reasons to get a standing desk at work or home

The HealthPostures Taskmate Go sit stand desk is built for a single or a dual monitor workstation setup. The Taskmate standing desk has a standard VESA mounting system. The work surface alone spans across 24 inches by 18 inches. Because the monitor is setup independent of the actual Taskmate standing desk, you can easily adjust the height of your computer, keyboard or monitor, allowing for greater flexibility.


Among the reasons to get a standing desk is how easy a standing desk like the Taskmate standing desk is to assemble. There are no parts to assemble and screw or hammer together. Instead, the Taskmate standing desk simply attaches to a workstation desk. You can save time by raising or lowering the workstation to a desired height before you attach the standing desk.


However, you can also adjust the workstation after the standing desk is attached. Other reasons to start enjoying sit to stand desk benefits include greater motivation to walk and move at work more. For example, while standing at the desk, it will be easier to exercise in place. It is also easier to walk away from your workstation and connect with a colleague or climb a set of stairs.


Retailers and manufacturers hire people to assemble products like computer workstations, furniture and desks. In fact, you could earn a respectable income assembling products as a contractor or freelancer. That’s because many products require deep product understanding or experience putting furniture together. Should retailers employ the services of furniture assemblers, those costs could be passed along to you, the buyer.


Due to the way that the Taskmate products are constructed, HealthPostures doesn’t have to do this. Simply put, HealthPostures’ Taskmate Go sit stand desk doesn’t require extensive assembly. It’s these costs savings that are passed along to Taskmate ergonomics buyers.