HealthPostures Sit Stand Ergonomic Products Are Now Available At New, Improved Website

HealthPostures, LLC has launched a new website to create a one-stop solution for sit stand ergonomic products. HealthPostures designs innovative, quality, sit stand ergonomic products that encourage a healthy interaction between people and tasks.

The new user-friendly website has a streamlined look and features the innovative HealthPostures sit stand ergonomic workstations such as the Computer Taskmate and the Surface Taskmate. Each product has its own page that offers images, video and product specifications.

The new website also contains information about how implementing a healthy sit stand environment in the workplace can be beneficial to both employees and employers, with links to informative ergonomic sites that support the idea of healthy movement in the workplace. The benefit of a healthy sit stand workplace is the theme throughout the entire website.

“To live up to expectations of our customers and target group of sit stand ergonomics customers,  this one-stop website has to offer a complete range of information about sit stand ergonomic products.“, Lisa Beringer, Manager of HealthPostures, LLC, explained.

These website improvements are sure to make the first choice for sit stand ergonomics customers to learn more about the benefits of a healthy sit stand work environment.



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