How Sit Stand Desks Could Improve Worker Productivity

Salary and work life balance aren’t the only factors that lead to lower worker productivity. Workplace culture, morale and structure also impact worker productivity. Two additional factors that influence worker productivity are mobility and employee health.


Visiting an offsite or onsite gym before work and climbing stairs instead of taking an elevator lead to improved mobility. Both actions also help lead to better physical, emotional and mental health. All three of these benefits can have a direct link on worker productivity.



Ways that sit stand desks could improve worker productivity

Yet, exercising at the gym and climbing stairs doesn’t keep employees mobile while they are actually working. An ergonomic chair for standing desk and ergonomic desktops for standing or sitting have been installed at cubicles and office computer stations to help prevent workers from developing medical issues like carpel tunnel.

When the products were introduced to work environments years ago, aim of installing the products was comfort, not improved worker productivity. But, now healthcare and medical professionals know that sitting all day at work has negative consequences.

Obesity, stiff joints and an inability to focus for extended periods are a few consequences associated with sitting all day. Similar products that helped to prevent employees from developing carpel tunnel were being used to improve worker productivity.

These products, items like ergonomic desktops for standing or sitting and an ergonomic chair for standing desk, encourage workers to not only sit and move but to also stand while they work. The added mobility puts the keys in employees’ hands when it comes to determining how mobile they are going to be.

This added independence and the chance to move more can shift employee focus. It can also help workers to enjoy paying more attention to projects. Similar to telecommuting, the chance to be more mobile at work give workers broader options while they are at work.

Investing in worker mobility sends important, clear messages

Worker productivity is linked to more than how much workers get paid. Ability to get and stay mobile throughout the workday also impacts how much productivity workers have. Ergonomics products like a standing desk, an adjustable dual monitor stand, computer monitor stands for desk and an adjustable standing computer desk make it easier for workers to shift positions while they work.


Improved mobility gained from an adjustable ergonomic stand up desk encourages workers to get away from their cubicle or office. It’s during this time that workers can walk down a  hall or climb a flight of stairs to attend a meeting.


This increase in mobility can have a positive impact on workers’ overall health. As workers feel better, they may stop feeling dissatisfied at work. They may also focus on projects better and feel as if they have more independence and mobility options. When business owners pay for ergonomics electric standing desks,  it can send a clear message to workers that they are valued. It could send a clear message to workers that business leaders are truly invested in their personal well being.