What Millennials Want from Today’s Modern Workplace

Do you have millennials working for you?  Keeping millennials happy at work is not much different than Baby Boomers or Gen X.  It’s really about getting back to the basics! Here are some ways to make your workplace millennial-friendly and keep the rest of your employees happy too.millennial workplace wishlist standing desk


Millennial Workplace Wishlist:


  • Give back to the community:  Philanthropy matters to a lot of millennials, especially when it comes to the environment.  They want to see that your company is not just making profits, but giving back to organizations that are important to them or the local community, and the global community.


  • Help them learn and grow with professional development:  What can you offer Millenials that will help them learn new skills or grow in their job or knowledge?  Conferences, webinars, or even peer learning or mentoring can be a way to keep your millennials engaged in their personal growth and professional development.


  • Provide honest feedback: Yes, many millennials grew up with participation trophies, and got graded for everything. They are constantly monitoring how many likes they are getting on their recent Instagram post.  Millennials expect 6200 standing desk with monitorand crave feedback on how they are doing on their work goals and how their handling challenges. Remember, they do want to be recognized for their accomplishments, too, so celebrate accomplishments as well.


  • Provide technologies to help them do their job better: Millennials are by far the most connected and technological-advanced generation yet. Provide them with technology that will empower them to do their best and be productive.


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