Minneapolis Home and Garden Show Meets Ergonomics

Minneapolis and its surrounding cities is home to leading businesses that operate across technology, manufacturing, industrial, healthcare, financial services, education and transportation industries. The city is also home to top domestic and global ergonomics firms like HealthPostures, maker of the HealthPostures TaskMate Go. Some of these ergonomics companies and business leaders will be spotlighted at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show that is being held at the Minneapolis Convention Center from March 30 through April 1.



People who live within and outside of Minneapolis have been using HealthPostures’ ergonomics products for years, since the firm started developing workplace mobility solutions in 1996. The firm’s ergonomic desk lift products include the HealthPostures TaskMate Go, the TaskMate EZ Work Surface, the 5000 Stance Move Chair and the TaskMate electric standing desks. These custom designed workstation products allow wide ranges of workers to realize the benefits of a standing desk at work.


Sit stand desk health benefits built into HealthPostures’ products include better monitor and eye height agreement and increased shoulder, back and neck support. Using Healthpostures’ TaskMate Go and other ergonomics products, including the stance move chairs, may reduce the likelihood that workers will develop carpel tunnel syndrome, lingering headaches or prolonged joint stiffness.


The latter sit stand desk health benefits is derived as workers become increasingly mobile while completing projects and assignments. Because the ergonomics products are easy to adjust and move, the products also support workers as they transition from sitting to standing.


Instead of sitting all day, HealthPostures’ TaskMate Go and similar products motivate workers to move more frequently. This single benefit has gained media spotlight, primarily due to research findings that sitting for long hours may be as damaging to human health as smoking cigarettes.


It is these sit stand desk health benefits that HealthPostures’ manufacturers make a priority while designing advanced technology ergonomics. Minneapolis Home and Garden Show attendees may get to experience one or more of these benefits of a standing desk at work if they stop by the HealthPostures’ booth.


Other exhibitors at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show include utility companies, new home construction firms, kitchen and bath makers, heating and air conditioning firms and home design companies. Features at the home and garden show include a lounge area, flower market and a family zone.


Onsite will also be a tiny home village, demos to help attendees see what their house could look like after a renovation and a kitchen stage. Celebrities scheduled to appear at the event include Paige Davis, television host of Trading Spaces and DIY’s landscape designer, Sara Bendrick.


In addition to getting an up close look at home and garden renovations, attendees at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show can also learn how to spot furniture and equipment that support benefits of a standing desk at work. HealthPostures may very well take the lead on educating attendees about sit stand health benefits.