Mobility in Classrooms

Mobility in ClassroomsThe concept of mobility and the benefits of moving throughout the day are finding their way around the world, through all ages and stages of life. Some classrooms from elementary school to universities are embracing the idea of standing at desks, moving more frequently, and offering choices to students.

It’s interesting to take a peek inside some of classrooms to see how the concept of mobility is being received, as less traditional means of desks and chairs are finding their way into our schools.  Here are a few articles highlighting various programs and feedback from students, teachers, and school administrators around the country.


Elementary Schools Promote Sit to Stand Mobility

St. Anastasia Catholic School in Hutchinson, MN started the school year with standing desks in some of their classrooms as a project in its earliest stages. Read, “New Desks Reshape St. Anastasia Classrooms” to learn how parents and students are embracing the changes.

Exploring the Healthy Benefits When Students Have the Option to Move

A school in Alexandria, VA. Alexandria Country Day School also added some standing desks to encourage healthier behavior and improve academic performance. Read “ACDS ‘Takes a Stand’ for Better Health and Education”.

The Link Between Cognitive Function and Classroom Mobility

The study by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health is highlighted in this story by Beth Mole in ARS Technica on the cognitive benefits of mobility in high school classrooms, called “Standing Desks May Boost Students’ Cognitive Function as Well as Health”

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