More Corporate Offices are going with Ergonomic Workstations

Ergonomics in the office have expanded since the 1970s when the fittest workers took daily vitamins and made good use of gym memberships. Years ago, ergonomics were confined to exercise environments, places like membership-based gyms and home fitness equipment. Now ergonomics are expanding across the corporate environment and for good reason.

When picking up objects, the legs, particularly the thighs, are used to lift weights. Body weight is evenly distributed while sitting. Proper alignment is also allowed for hand and eye movement while typing on a computer. Furniture like HealthPosturesstance chair is designed to make it easy for workers to enjoy proper spinal and weight alignment. It’s no mystery that this type of ergonomic chair is gaining in popularity at corporate offices.


The stance chair has three distinct designs within the HealthPostures‘ umbrella of ergonomics products. There is the 5100 stance angle sit stand chair. This stance chair supports you via a double trigger system as you transition from sitting to standing.


The back rest is contoured, allowing for maximum spinal support. Foot rests and leg cushions in the stance chair are adjustable. The chair also supports the lower body because it is contoured to fit your feet and legs.


High efficiency ergonomics are the corporate rave

Other stance chair ergonomics at HealthPostures are the 5000 Stance Move sit stand chair and the 5050 Stance Move sit stand chair. Unlike the 5100 version, the 5000 and 5050 stance chairs are not designed with arm rests. The latter two stance chairs encourage standing.


However, you can sit comfortably at these arm-free chairs, as the chairs can be adjusted so that the seat folds back into a normal sitting position. This type of adjustability is a reason why corporate offices are building ergonomic workstations.


The ability to adjust a chair for sitting or standing could reduce the amount of real estate space that an organization needs. At a time when more corporate offices are opting for high efficiency sitting arrangements, the stance chair stands out.


In addition to saving on real estate space and costs, corporate offices are going with ergonomic workstations to encourage deeper colleague interactions at work. Gone are the days when employers want workers to sit in their cubicles or offices updating spreadsheets, typing correspondence or making sales calls without stopping to chat and connect with the people sitting around them.


High efficiency seating is the answer to limited employee interactions for a growing number of corporate leaders. In fact, even companies that have been in existence for a century or longer are installing high efficiency seating.


Ergonomics plays a role in encouraging worker interaction and healthy postures which could reduce worker absenteeism. Besides ergonomic chairs, to encourage improved colleague interactions, corporate offices are installing sit to stand desks, assisted lift standing desks and ergonomic comfort mats.