New Study Links Standing Desks to Increased Productivity at Work

Are you looking for studies or data to support the purchase of standing desks in your office or organization? A new standing desk study shares evidence that standing desks increase productivity in office employees by almost 50%. With employees being more productive, making more sales and completing more projects, the payback and benefits of the standing desk become clear.
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The article, “Call Center Productivity Over 6 Months Following a Standing Desk Intervention”, explains the details of a standing desk study conducted in a call center over six months. Many employees (the test subjects included), spend up to 90% of their day seated. Offering them the ability to stand or sit allowed for increased comfort and productivity by almost 50% compared to seated counterparts.

Increased Results as Time Progressed

Standing desk productivity improved over time with more output being exhibited in month six, a 53% increase, compared to month one, a 23% increase. Success was gauged by completing a successful encounter which included an in-depth conversation with multiple steps that directly impacted revenue. The standing desk study was not conducted beyond the initial six months, but with the constant increases shown during the study period, productivity improvement could potentially continue. This study was completed in a call center which allowed specific call results to be recorded for a direct standing desk productivity comparison.

Standing desks benefit a variety of workplace environments including call centers, business offices, healthcare facilities and educational institutes. HealthPostures offers diverse sit/stand desk models to fit the needs of these different situations. For additional research or information on the benefits of standing desks, see our Why Stand page.