Smarter and Healthier Office Ergonomics – sit to stand is best option to move while staying on task

It stands to reason when a person sits on the job for 8 hours a day, 5 days per week, 52 weeks per year would have an increased probability of workplace injury and discomfort and a have a need for better office ergonomics. Most employees prefer good workstation ergonomics and would choose not to work in pain and most business owners do not want to pay for missed days of work and costly worker compensation fees. The best solution for good office ergonomics is to work in a setting that is adjustable and allows a person to move freely while staying on task.


Understanding office ergonomics makes it possible to design tools and ergonomic workstations that work with the human body rather than against it. Poor office ergonomics can cause injury to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, eyes and other parts of the body. These injuries can involve stiffness, numbness, tingling and fatigue. Avoiding these injuries and increasing comfort with good office ergonomics offers many benefits to office workers.


The TaskMate from HealthPostures provides a solution for good office ergonomics at a fraction of the cost.  The TaskMate is changing office ergonomics in a number of applications because of how simple it is to set-up and use. Office ergonomics for a call center associate that is working with a computer in a cubicle can improve dramatically while using a sit to stand TaskMate.  Now, employees can have great office ergonomics and have the ability to stand periodically throughout the day without disrupting the work-flow or co-workers.


Using correct workstation ergonomics at work is a cost-effective way to utilize a height adjustable system. Business owners can integrate better office ergonomics by using the TaskMate in the workplace and avoid remodeling cost because there is no need to remove desks or cubicle walls to make room for a large and bulky sit-stand table. The TaskMate will set securely onto an existing desk or counter without taking-up a large amount of space.


Office ergonomics is easy with the TaskMate because it will arrive already assembled. Setting-up the TaskMate consist of taking it out of the box, setting it on an existing work surface and attaching any number of accessories.


Today’s active workplace requires innovative workstation ergonomics solutions. Research says that most business owners and their employees consider good office ergonomics to be a vital aspect of the work day.  Business owners want products that help improve overall productivity and are easy to use and good office ergonomics with the Understanding simple office ergonomics is key for business owners and employees alike.


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